Growing Roses for Beginners
The Basics of Rose Cultivation

Growing roses for beginners will teach you the basics of growing beautiful roses indoors and in the landscape. Rose growing tips. Growing Hybrid Tea roses, low growing roses, miniature and tree roses.

Pink Roses Growing on Trestle, Nantucket, MA

Pink Roses Growing on Trestle, Nantucket, MA
Clineff, Kindra
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Roses have a reputation for being more challenging to grow than other garden plants. This reputation is mostly deserved.

The rose is in a class all by itself. It has different needs and cultural requirements than most other shrubs. Consequently, if you treat a rose bush like any other shrub, it may fail to thrive. That said, all roses are not created equal. Some are more difficult to cultivate than others.

A few are MUCH easier to grow than the rest. These are the best roses for a beginner to plant. My list of Easy to Grow Roses is here.

Growing beautiful roses requires a certain amount of knowledge. Acquiring this knowledge is a process.

If you are just starting to grow roses, don't worry. You have come to the right place. You can learn the basics of growing roses just by browsing the pages linked below.

Care of Roses covers the rose growing basics: planting, feeding and watering your roses. You will also learn how to ward off and treat the most common rose diseases using either chemicals or natural products.

Organic Rose Gardening is all about growing roses organically. Organic rose growing methods are no more difficult to master than conventional growing methods so don't be afraid to give this a try. Growing organic roses is the best approach for people who want to use their rose petals or delicious rose hips in recipes.

I think it is best when growing roses for beginners, to start with purchased rose plants which are well rooted and fairly large. But once you have gained a little experience, you may wish to increase your collection by growing roses from seeds or cuttings.

Growing Roses Indoors

High Angle View of Bourbon Roses Growing in a Pot

High Angle View of Bourbon Roses Growing in a Pot
Cigolini, G.
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The smaller, less thorny rose varieties can be grown in large pots in very bright indoor locations like a Florida room, a greenhouse, a greenhouse window, or a room with a skylight or wall of windows.

Fresh air will need to be routinely supplied and circulated (ceiling fans work wonders here) in order to keep spider mites and other rose pests at bay. Plan to run a humidifier when growing roses in heated spaces during the winter months.

Growing Roses in Containers is full of tips for growing beautiful roses in pots.

Mini roses are the type best suited to indoor culture. Miniature Rose Care is your guide to growing miniature roses indoors.

The tiny blooms of the minis are adorable but, if you long for big, boldly-colored, high-centered flowers for cut arrangements, look to Growing Hybrid Tea Roses for instruction in growing long stem roses.

Growing Peace Rose Bushes

The original 'Peace' rose.

The Peace rose is the most popular rose ever introduced. It is one of the easiest Hybrid Tea roses to grow.

The original rose called Peace and its many offspring are discussed and depicted on this page to help you narrow down the choices.

Growing Roses for Beginners
Growing a Rose Tree

Rose Tree, Janna

Order the Rose Tree, 'Janna', Here

Rose Tree Care will provide you will all the information you need about growing rose tree plants in pots on your patio or in the open ground.

Carpet Roses and Landscaping with Groundcover Roses offer instruction on the care and maintenance of the low growing roses you might wish to plant at the feet of your rose standards.

Dry Climate Rose Gardening
Growing Roses in the Desert

Growers in Arizona, Nevada, parts of California, and Texas which is not in the desert but is intensely hot and dry, face special challenges.

Extreme temperatures, wind, dry, sandy soil which is often limey can make it difficult--but not impossible--to grow healthy roses.

Instructions for Growing Roses in the Desert:

  • Heavily amend the soil with organic matter or grow your roses in pots of rich, purchased soil.
  • Install drip irrigation and mulch the beds to keep the water from evaporating so quickly.
  • When growing rose plants in the desert avoid siting them in all-day sun. Morning sun is also preferable to the hotter afternoon rays.
  • Choose heat tolerant varieties that hold their color well in high temps. Some rose flowers fade when subjected to strong light. Others will stop blooming once the mercury rises above a certain temperature.

Growing Roses for Beginners
Wet Climate Rose Gardening

Pink Knockout roses growing at Lue Gardens in Orlando.

Pink Knockout roses thriving in the rose garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL.

Growing Roses in Florida addresses the special challenges of growing roses in hot, rainy Florida.

Many Floridians, myself included, feel that growing old roses is one of the best kept secrets to growing roses successfully in humid conditions which favor fungal disease.

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The uplifting, invigorating fragrance of the bruised leaves is sufficient excuse for growing rosemary. And, if you've ever been in a kitchen when rosemary chicken was roasting in the oven, you will be eager to enjoy that delicious aroma in your own home.

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