Growing Roses from Cuttings

Growing roses from cuttings is a guide to growing rose cuttings into beautiful, flowering rose bushes. How to care for a growing rose cutting so that it will thrive. When a cutting grown rose is most likely to fail.

Growing rose cuttings in small pots.

Growing rose cuttings is the 2nd easiest and fastest way to increase your collection. Buying new rose plants is the only way to do it more quickly and easily.

Propagating roses via cuttings is simple but it won't work for all rose types. Some Hybrid Tea rose varieties, especially the yellow cultivars, will not produce strong root systems when grown in this fashion. These plants need to be grafted onto a suitable rootstock.

Most vigorous climbing rose bushes and old garden ramblers will grow successfully on their own roots.

Floribundas and shrub roses can usually be grown from cuttings as well.

Taking a Rose Cutting

Hardwood cuttings are easiest to strike. They can be taken late in the growing season or while the plant is dormant.

Choose a ripe stem (the thorns will snap off cleanly). It should be this year's growth and showing no sign of disease. Shoots about the thickness of a pencil strike best.

Take a cutting 8 inches to 1 foot in length by cutting just below a bud. Remove the soft tip growth by making another cut just above a bud.

If the stems are dormant and leafless, make the top cut at a slant so that you will be able to tell which end is up when you plant them.

If the stems have leaves, remove all but the top 2 sets. Dip the bottom ends into rooting hormone. Plant the cuttings 2/3 deep and about 3 inches apart in pots of soil.

Rose Cutting Care

Place them in the shade and protect the growing rose cuttings from freezing during their 1st winter.

Keep the pots barely moist. Never let the rain soak them but don't allow them to dry out either. Any flower buds that form, should be pinched off as you want all the plant's energy to go into the manufacture of a healthy root system.

Your rose cuttings should be well rooted and ready to plant out in a year.

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