Growing Sunflowers
Tips For Growing Harvesting Sunflowers

Growing sunflowers tips for growing miniature sunflowers in pots. Sunflower picture and wall art. Secrets of giant sunflowers. Tips for harvesting sunflowers.

Sunflower Picture

Smile: Sunflower Bouquet
Smile: Sunflower Bouquet

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Katano, Nicole
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When planting sunflowers, consider the time of day you will be around to enjoy the blooms. Sunflowers turn throughout the day to face the sun--hence their common name.

I failed to consider this widely known fact about sunflowers the first year I planted them. I located the bed in my east border, just behind my screen porch. I planned to sit outside and be cheered by their sunny faces in the mornings before starting my hectic days.

I planted the sunflower seeds, watered the bed regularly and waited patiently for the plants to mature. I didn't realize my mistake until the first flowers had opened.

I strolled out with my cup of herbal tea in one hand and whatever I was reading at the time in the other. It wasn't until I looked up from my reading material that I saw it. All the flowers were facing away from me.

They wouldn't turn to face the porch until much later in the day.

When I would be too busy to admire them.

Growing Sunflowers
Tips For Growing Sunflowers In Pots

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  • Choose a miniature sunflower and put it in a big enough pot. Unless you plan to use a whiskey barrel, trying to grow a giant sunflower in a pot is asking for trouble.

    The popular variety 'Teddy Bear' grows to 3 feet. It or the 28 inch 'Music Box' are mini sunflowers that would fit comfortably into a 12 inch pot.

  • Careful siting and watering are necessary when growing sunflowers in pots. They need lots of sun to bloom, but this will tend to dry the pots out quickly. Use a potting mix that contains moisture crystals or mix some plain kitty litter into the soil to make watering less of a chore.

    Growing SunflowersTips
    Secrets Of Giant Sunflowers

    Sunflower Wall Art

    The Garden at Vetheuil
    The Garden at Vetheuil

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    Here's the secret.

    There is no secret.

    Sunflowers do not grow to gigantic proportions because of some secret homemade fertilizer formula. Giant sunflowers grow to heights of 10-14 feet because they are bred to do so. You simply buy a variety of giant sunflower seed that has the characteristics you seek. Plant it and grow it as you would any other sunflower and voila! You've got giant sunflowers.

    There is one thing you want to make absolutely certain to do when growing giant sunflowers. Situate them in full, all-day sun. If you site them where they are shaded part of the day, you could end up with giant drooping sunflowers. Reaching for the sun is what makes them stand up straight and tall.

    O.k., so maybe that's a secret... Well, if it was, it isn't anymore.

    Buy Sunflowers Seeds

    Velvet Queen Sunflower

    Velvet Queen Sunflower

    Velvety crimson petals--a dramatic departure from the usual golds!

    Sunspot Sunflower

    Sunspot Sunflower

    Big 10-inch blooms top compact 2-foot stems.

    Lemon Queen Sunflower

    Lemon Queen Sunflower

    Super-sized blooms in a pale lemon color.

    Mammoth Gray Stripe Sunflower

    Mammoth Gray Stripe Sunflower

    Enormous yellow flowers yield a whopper crop of seeds!

    Growing Sunflowers
    Tips For Harvesting Sunflowers

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  • If you grow sunflowers plants for the seeds, wait until the heads are dry and brown before harvesting them.

  • Place paper lunch bags over the seed heads and tie them around the stalks with twine to prevent the birds eating the sunflower seeds.

  • If damp weather sets in before the seeds dry, cut the seed heads off and bring them indoors to finish drying. If they get too damp, they could mold.
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    Glorious Fall Bouquet

    Glorious Fall Bouquet

    All the glorious colors of Fall are featured in this fabulous bouquet. Golden sunflowers and red Asiatic lilies are surrounded by Confetti roses, bronze daisy pompons and Matsumoto asters. A sprinkling of oak leaves and a basil hued vase complete the Autumn experience.

    Pictures of Sunflowers
    Big pictures of sunflowers. Buy sunflower images, pics and framed prints to use in your home decor. Gorgeous sunflower photos will inspire you in decorating with sunflowers.

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    Tips for raising Mexican sunflowers. Mexican sunflowers are fast-growing summer annuals. A single plant can reach dimensions of 5x5 feet. Even the dwarf varieties which are supposed to top out at 3 feet will grow larger given enough heat and moisture.

    Harvesting Sunflowers
    Harvesting sunflowers for arrangements. Cutting and drying sunflowers. Harvesting sunflower seeds. Growing sunflower petals for use in salads.

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