Growing Sunflowers

Planting Helianthus annuus Seed

Growing sunflowers of every kind. Planting sunflower seeds. How to grow common yellow, the new red or multi-colored Helianthus annuus plants. Buy seed for many types of sunflowers here.

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Planting sunflowers is simple. That's a good thing since Helianthus annuus is one of America's favorite annual plants. With sunflower varieties of many sizes and colors, it's easy to see why people love growing sunflowers.

Pictures of Sunflowers

Sunflowers, c.1881
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Types of Sunflowers

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No matter how large or tiny the space in which you are growing harvesting sunflowers, there is a Helianthus annuus to fit it. From 'Elf' mini sunflowers to 14 foot giant sunflowers like 'Kong' and everything in between.

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The colors vary just as much as the sizes. Ranging from the pale yellow, nearly white sunflower of 'Cococnut Ice' to the burgundy blooms of a red sunflower like Moulin Rouge. There are colorful sunflower varieties for every garden.

Vanilla Ice sunflower image from Burpee.

Vanilla Ice 1 Pkt.

Cococnut Ice sunflower image from Burpee.

Coconut Ice Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Bashful sunflowers image from Burpee.

Bashful 1 Pkt.

Jade sunflwoer image from Burpee.

Jade Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Orange or Red Sunflowers

Sunflower, Decorative Mix

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Cappuccino sunflower image from Burpee.

Cappuccino Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Chianti sunflower image from Burpee.

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Double Dandy sunflowers from Burpee.

Double Dandy Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Tangina sunflower image from Burpee.

Tangina 1 Pkt.

Unusual Flower Forms

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Frilly sunflower image from Burpee.

Frilly Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Goldie sunflower image from Cook's Garden.

Goldie 1 Packet

Starburst Aura Hybrid 1 Packet

Planting Sunflowers

Before planting sunflowers you need to prepare a bed for them. This is simple. Just clear an area--the size is up to you but 3x6 or 3x9 feet makes a nice display--and top it with composted manure. Dig the manure in a little.

There's no need to double dig the bed. The sunflower plant doesn't have very deep roots. As long as the top six inches of the soil is somewhat rich and holds moisture moderately well, it will thrive.

Planting Sunflower Seeds

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Plant the sunflowers seeds 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch deep depending on the size of the seed. Tamp the soil with your foot so that the seeds are in contact with the earth and water gently so as not to disturb them.

If the cats in your neighborhood like to dig in fresh planting beds, lay a net down over the planting area and secure it with rocks to deter them. The net will also deter other seed thieves like squirrels and birds.

Keep the bed moist until the seedlings are well established.

Care of Sunflower Plants

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Although your sunflower garden will appreciate regular feeding and watering, it will also tolerate some neglect.

Common sunflower plants are not picky about fertilizer. Anything you have on hand will do.

Planted in full sun in very hot weather they will wilt badly if not kept hydrated. No matter how badly they droop, wait until sundown to water them. Bright sun can cause any water on the leaves to burn them and mar your planting.

Follow my advice and you'll be growing sunflowers from seed with ease.

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Color Blends

Strawberry Blond sunflower image from Burpee.

Strawberry Blonde Hybrid 1 Pkt.

Cutter's Delight Mix sunflower image from Burpee.

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Ornamental Mixture sunflower image from Burpee.

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Wild Bird Seed Wreath, Mini Sunflower

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