'Henry Kelsey' Rose
Hardy Climbing Roses

The Henry Kelsey rose is a cold hardy climbing rose bearing slightly fragrant, semi double red flowers in recurring flushes from spring to frost. Henry Kelsey CL rose bush is hardy into zone 2.

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The Canadian Explorer rose 'Henry Kelsey' was introduced by Dr. Felicitas Svejda of Canada in 1984. Named for the English fur trader, this is one of the most beautiful cold hardy climbing roses I have ever seen.

As the flowers open, the golden stamens at the center of each bloom are revealed enhancing the plant's beauty the way fine jewels serve to enhance the attractiveness of a shapely woman in a red dress.

It flowers in large clusters of up to 18 blooms along its arching 10 foot canes. It can be trained to climb a rose trellis, pillar or arch. Or allow it to sprawl over a garden wall.

Grow 'Henry Kelsey' as a weeping shrub by planting it, sans support, in a flower border. Be sure to allow enough room for its pendulous canes to spread.

For northern gardeners, Henry Kelsey's most attractive feature is cold tolerance.

This rose bush will survive temperatures down to -35 degrees F. It regularly survives zone 3 winters and some rose gardeners in zone 2 have had success with it.

It blooms on new wood so even if it dies to the ground, the new growth will bloom the following season.

The glossy foliage of Rosa 'Henry Kelsey' exhibits good resistance to powdery mildew but is only moderately black spot resistant.

Parentage: Rosa kordesii x seedling

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