The Hollywood Juniper is a Landscape Star

Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka' syn. 'Torulosa'

The twisting growth habit of the hollywood juniper make it a garden stand out. See why you should let this upright California juniper tree play a starring role in your landscape.

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J. chinensis 'Torulosa' is a picturesque evergreen large shrub or small tree which matures to a height of between 20 and 30 feet.  Although native to China, Japan, and Mongolia, it is commonly called the hollywood juniper because of its popularity among Southern California gardener.

I see it used a lot in Florida landscapes, as well; a testament to the shrub's adaptability.

Before northern gardeners get the idea that this is just another tender beauty that will only perform in the South, let me state, for the record, that cold hardiness is part of this plant's adaptability.

It performs, with aplomb, in USDA zones 4-10.

Plant Stats:

Form: Upright, irregularly branched. Produces inconspicuous orange-yellow flowers and cones.

Texture: fine

Color: Most plants are solid green.  J. chinensis 'Kaizuka Variegated' is a yellow splotched 15 foot dwarf.

Size: 20-30 feet at maturity

Preferred Exposure: full sun

Star Qualities: longevity, fast growth,  twisted, variable growth habit, drought tolerance, and ability to withstand both heat and cold.

What Makes the Hollywood Juniper Such a Landscape Star?

Mainly, its ability to strike a variety of poses.  Irregular branching coupled with a variable twisting pattern account for each shrub's unique appearance.

If you are trying to create a uniform planting and you need each plant in the scheme to be an exact clone of all the others, this is NOT the shrub to use.

The show-stopping hollywood is best used as a specimen or accent plant. 

Now, this does not relegate you to using just one in your planting.  They can be planted in multiples in situations where the uniqueness of each plant will be appreciated with wild success.  They are simply not given to symmetry, so I don't recommend planting them in pairs as you might do with 'Skyrocket' junipers.

Fast growth and drought tolerance also contribute to this evergreen's popularity.  Dry or alkaline soil will not phase it, but it will not tolerate soggy soil.  Its popularity in Florida indicates that it can tolerate heavy rains as long as they are counterbalanced by fast drainage.

Another thing gardeners love about this tree is its independent growth habit.  This is one of those plants that grows into an attractive shape all on its own.  It doesn't need you constantly messing with it to get it to look well.

If you're one of those busybodies who just has to apply the loppers to everything, you may prune it to shape during the winter.

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