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Hosta - Royal Standard

Hosta - First Frost

Hosta - Empress Wu

Common Names:

Plantain Lily


How to Grow Hostas

Plantain lilies are perennial plants prized for their good looks and easy care. Their broad leaves emerge in late spring and grow into rounded clumps in deep shade to part sun. 

Spikes of 1-2" lily-like blossoms form during the summer months.  The flowers range from white to purple, stand proud above the leaves, and are often fragrant.

The small and medium-sized types look wonderful when massed beneath trees where they have no trouble competing with tree roots for food and water.

Bold giant Hostas make great specimen plants.

Miniature Hosta Plants

Hosta - Fireworks

Hosta - Lemon Lime

Hosta - Mighty Mouse

Upright white foliage with narrow, dark green edges sets 'Fireworks' apart from all other Hosta cultivars.  This dwarf sport of the sun tolerant 'Loyalist' (for sale further down this page) is suitable for growing outdoors in zones 3-9.

Give it bright shade or morning sun.  Its 10" leaves look stunning in containers.  12" flower stalks bearing lavender blooms come in midsummer.

'Remember Me' features similar coloration only its leaves are edged gray-green.  The more typical mounding growth habit of this cultivar puts the leaf surfaces on full display resulting in greater visual impact in small, shady beds.

As an added bonus, this variety's foliage is slug resistant!

Hosta - High Society

Hosta - Miniature - Blue Mouse Ears

Hosta - Remember Me

At 6" tall, the miniature 'Blue Mouse Ears' is the cutest little Hosta you will ever grow!  It resembles the succulent, Echeveria.

Hardy in zones 3-8. Can grow in full shade.

Giant Hosta Varieties

Hosta - Frances Williams

Hosta - Seducer

Hosta - Celestial

Teal leaves with broad yellow-green margins have made 'Frances Williams' a shade garden favorite.  White summer blooms appear atop the 2' foliage on plants which will eventually spread to 60" wide.

Give 'Frances' full shade and moist soil in zones 3-9.

Hosta - Key West

Hosta - Sum and Substance

'Sum and Substance' is renowned for its size,vigor, and heavily-textured, slug resistant, golden-green leaves.  In summer, lavender flowers appear on scapes that stand nearly 5' tall.

The plant itself will grow to a height of 3' with a spread nearly twice that.  Give it plenty of elbow room when planting it in zones 3-9.

Yellow/Gold Types

Hosta - Paul's Glory

Hosta - Fire Island

Hosta - Dance with Me

'Fire Island' is a unique miniature Hosta boasting gold leaves on dark red stems.  This plant matures to a height of 14" and performs best in full shade.

Hostas Plants with Blue Leaves

Hosta - Sleeping Beauty

Hosta - Queen of the Seas

Hosta - Blue Angel

Striking gray-blue foliage with narrow, cream-colored margins sets 'Sleeping Beauty' apart from the pack.  The lavender flowers make this cultivar even more stunning when in bloom. 

This slug resistant sport of Hosta 'Halcyon' needs some morning sun to maintain its unique coloration.

Hosta - Silver Bay

Hosta - Halcyon

Hosta - Autumn Frost

Hosta tardiana 'Halcyon' is famous for its cool, blue, slug-resistant leaves which enjoy deep shade in zones 4-8.

Variegated Hostas Plants

Hosta - Golden tiara

Dwarf Hosta Fire and Ice

Hosta - Regal Splendor

Upright growth to 3' tall and wide is what you can count on from 'Regal Splendor'.  The lavender flowers complement the gray-blue leaves in late summer.

Hosta - Tropical Dancer

Hosta - Touch of Class

Hosta - Guacamole

In addition to avocado green, variegated foliage, 'Guacamole' contributes fragrance to the late summer garden.  The white blooms stand like torches above the 3' mound of leaves, illuminating the shade.

A real treat in zones 3-9.

Hosta - Climax

Hosta - Paradigm

Hosta - Deja Blu

The unique coloration of 'Deja Blu' give the leaves a hand-painted look.  The heart-shaped foliage displays teal centers and bright yellow-green edges with a drizzle of cream in between.

This miniature funkia grows best in part or dappled shade as it needs a bit of sun to bring out its stunning colors.

Sun Tolerant Hostas Plants

Hosta - Stained Glass

Hosta - Fragrant Queen

Giant Hosta - Elegans

These are funkias which will not only put up with a certain amount of sun but need it in order to maintain their health and bring out their best colors.  It is best not to grow these varieties in deep or full shade locations.

Conversely, you will need to use your judgement about placing them in full sun.  Where summers are cool and rainy, they may be able to tolerate several hours of sunlight per day.  In hot summer areas, they will need protection from direct, mid-day sun.

Hosta - Lakeside Shore Master

Hosta - Lakeside Beach Captain

Hosta - Brass Ring

'Lakeside Shore Master' produces lavender flowers above a 2' mound of blue-green, puckered leaves with yellow centers.  The blooms appear in midsummer in zones 3-9.

Hosta - Satisfaction

Hosta - Dream Weaver

Hosta - Loyalist

Best selling 'Loyalist' is a sport of the popular 'Patriot' displaying white leaves edged green.  Compact plants grow 18" tall by 2' wide.

Hosta - Maui Buttercups

Hosta - Yankee Blue

Hosta - Blueberry Muffin

'Maui Buttercups' is a mini Hosta with shocking chartreuse foliage and purple flowers.  At just 10" tall, this electrifying little funkia is perfect for the container garden.

Hosta - Praying Hands

Hosta - Captain Kirk

Hosta - Pineapple Punch

'Pineapple Punch' features lance-shaped green leaves with wavy white edges.  This dwarf plantain lily grows to 15" tall by 2' wide in zones 3-9.

Cheap Hosta Plants for Sale

These are smaller plants than the ones offered above, but they represent an excellent value for bargain hunters. 

Click the arrow on the side of the widget to view more plants.  Click on the photo of the plant you want to buy to go to the sales page.

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