How Can I Get Rid Of Oxalis?

by Aisha
(Macon, GA)

I made the mistake of using Oxalis as a ground cover in one part of my yard. Now I want to plant something else, but I don't know how to get rid of the Oxalis. I've heard that it can be pretty hard to eradicate.

Plant Guides Answer

What you heard was right on the money.

Once Oxalis has become established in an area and spread, it is nearly impossible to eliminate.

If there are no other plants in the area, you could try spraying it with Round Up. This will kill the leaves, but I don't think it will kill the tubers. You will have to try to dig the tubers up or pull them out by hand.

Any that you miss will reestablish an Oxalis ground cover in this area.

You could pull as much of it as possible and then go ahead and plant whatever else you had in mind. But then you would have to weed the Oxalis out of the bed regularly to keep it from smothering your new plants.

Oxalis Triangularis Purple Shamrock

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