How To Grow A Pineapple
Growing Pineapple Plants

How to grow a pineapple plant that will produce sweet, golden fruit. Growing pineapples in pots or in the ground. Pictures of pineapple plants in bloom. Cheapest pineapple plants for sale.

Pineapple growing in my yard.

This is a pineapple growing in my zone 9a back yard in Florida.

(The brick red flowers around it are those of the shrimp plant.)

I have five or six of them in the ground and several more in pots.

They make it through the winters (I do cover them with blankets on the coldest nights) in all but the coldest spots in the yard. I started my mini plantation with a top from a store bought fruit.

I harvest at least one pineapple every year. Every time I harvest one, I plant the top and that's how I start more pineapple plants.Pineapples can be started from tops, slips or even seeds! You can plant tops or slips in any warm, sunny spot in your yard. A mature pineapple is 3-4 feet across so give each plant enough room.

Pineapple plants are tough and not picky. You don't even have to root the tops before you plant them. If you'd like to root them first go to Starting A Pineapple Plant to see how to do this.

The soil in my yard is mostly sand, so I add a little compost to the planting area first.

Growing Pineapple Plants

Pineapple Head on Plant, Lauli'I, Samoa

Pineapple Head on Plant, Lauli'I, Samoa
Daffey, Mark
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Growing pineapple plants is easy which is why I like them so much. Once the plants are rooted in, they don't need much care. Just don't let them dry completely out before they are established. Don't drown them either. They like it a bit too dry better than a bit too wet. The soil needs to drain well.

How to Grow a Pineapple in a Pot


Cheapest Pineapple Plants

If your soil is too heavy, or if the ground freezes where you live; you'll be better off growing pineapple plants in pots.

I do this so I can move the plants into my screen porch when the fruit begins to ripen in order to keep the raccoons from stealing it. Use a small (6-8") pot to start with. Move the plant into a larger container when it outgrows the first one. I use the biggest pot I can easily move by myself.

The plant won't care what size container you grow it in. But pineapple plants in small pots produce small fruits.

They don't require a lot of food and are not particular about what kind they get. Just sprinkle the soil around them with whatever granular fertilizer you have handy in the late spring and early fall. I will sometimes pour a little liquid fertilizer into the cup once the plants are big enough to bloom.

Plants usually fruit in about two years depending on climate and care. Each top I have planted has produced fruit for me in this time frame. If I were to feed my plants more and protect them from the cold more, I might get fruit in 18 months.

Pineapples are a bromeliad so they don't really flower. When they bloom, what they actually do is send up an inflorescence. This is very colorful and long lasting.

Pineapple plant with a bright red center.

The inside of the cup turns bright red when the plant is ready to bloom. Once this happens, you will soon see a tiny pineapple top forming inside the cup. Over a couple of weeks it will rise out of the cup on a stalk.

This little pineapple will then bloom with its own little purple flowers! This is one of the most spectacular shows in the pant kingdom. I never tire of watching my pineapples do this. Once you start growing pineapple, neither will you.

Patience is required as it takes a pineapple fruit several months to grow to its full size. The ultimate size of the fruit depends on the cultivar you are growing and the amount of soil around its roots. Plants in the ground generally produce larger fruit than potted plants. When the fruit begins to color up, it's as big as it's going to get.

Now you know how to grow a pineapple as well as how to grow a pineapple plantation.

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Dwarf Pineapple

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