How To Grow Sunflowers Every Year Without Replanting Them

How to grow sunflowers that reseed. Growing perennial sunflowers. The best sunflower varieties to plant. Types of sunflowers that reseed the most. Sunflower photo.

Sunflowers, mixed colors.

Your sunflowers will return on their own each season if you let them reseed. Here's how to grow sunflowers that come back every year.

The Best Sunflower Varieties to Use

Sunflower, Vanilla Ice 1 Pkt. (50 seeds)

Sunflower Tangina 1 pkt. (50 seeds)

Sunflower, Jua Maya 1 Pkt (50 seeds)

First, you have to choose sunflower varieties that branch and produce many blooms per plant. These types of sunflowers make a lot of small seeds which are not so attractive to birds and squirrels.

Giant sunflowers won't work as well because each plant only produces one flower. Also, the large seeds are sought after by wildlife. Any that don't get eaten right off the plant would almost certainly get picked up off the ground leaving nothing to produce next year's crop.

I have used 'Italian White' sunflowers for this purpose with good results. Italian Whites have pale yellow blooms. The 'Vanilla Ice' sunflowers in the photo above look just like my old Italian Whites.

After a while, I decided I wanted to experiment with some of the red sunflowers so I planted a packet of seed of mixed varieties. You know the ones I'm talking about. They have such festive names... Fantasia, Jolly Joker, Razzmatazz... I don't recall which mix I planted but I was more than satisfied with the result.

Autumn Beauty Organic Sunflower Seed Mix

Sunforest Mix Sunflower Seeds

Pristine Pollenless Sunflower Seed Mix

I prepared a 3x6 foot bed for the initial planting in my east border. Later that summer I was rewarded with a swatch of red sunflowers in every shade from rust to burgundy.

The people who make up these mixes must be frustrated artists. None of the colors clashed. If you look at the pictures in the seed catalogs, you'll see what I mean. All the colors blend harmoniously.

After the first year the red sunflowers began to spread around the yard, popping up here and there all by themselves. By the third season something unexpected happened.

My 'Italian Whites' disappeared.

Apparently, they hybridized with the red sunflowers. In subsequent years I got some lovely sunflowers but they were not the same ones I started with. So if you want a particular type, growing sunflowers of another sort nearby might not be a good idea.

How To Grow Sunflowers That Return Every Year Without Replanting

Method 2

Heliomeris Sunspash 1 Pant

Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers

Rudbeckia Goldsturm Seeds and Plants

Plant perennial sunflowers.

Like many of their annual relatives, perennial sunflowers display sunny yellow blossoms. Their flowers tend to be somewhat smaller than those of annual sunflower plants.

Another way to enjoy these sunny blossoms every season without starting over from scratch is to plant perennials with yellow daisy flowers which are not Helianthus family members but resemble them.

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