How to Plant Roses

How to plant roses of every kind. How to plant rose bushes. How to plant potted roses. Planting bare root roses. How to plant climbing roses. How to plant a rose in a container.

Rose, Climbing Rhode Island Red

Climbing Rhode Island Red Rose
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Planting roses is not difficult as long as you understand that their roots grow wider than deep and they are not good at competing with other plants for food and drink. This is why they are so often planted in garden beds by themselves.

Roses do not have to be planted is this fashion, it just makes them easier to care for. Many gardeners successfully mix rose bushes in with annuals, perennials, and even other shrubs to delightful effect.

I myself prefer to see them in a mixed planting. Not everyone has space for a rose bed but nearly everyone can find room to tuck a rose bush in here and there.

For detailed rose planting instructions, see the following pages:

Planting Potted Roses

Planting potted roses is about how to plant potted roses or container grown roses. How to plant rose bushes in the ground. How to plant a rose that is actively growing in a pot out into the garden.

Planting Bare Root Roses

Instructions for planting bare root roses. How to plant bare-root roses. What to do after buying bare root roses. How to prepare bare root rose bushes for planting.

Planting Climbing Roses

Planting climbing roses. How to plant climbing roses. Climbing rose planting instructions. Planting bare root climbers and potted rambling roses.

How to Plant a Rose in a Pot

Planting roses in pots is all about container gardening with roses. Growing container roses. Which rose varieties make the best container gardening roses. Choosing a pot for a container rose.

How to Plant Knockout Roses

These landscape roses will grow in nearly any type of soil as long as it drains well. But Knockout rose care will be easier and the shrubs will be more attractive in good garden soil.

How to Plant Rose Seed

Rose seeds need to be stratified before they will sprout. Wrap them in a damp paper towel. Place the paper towel into a zip-lock bag and store it in the fridge for 4-6 weeks.

Unwrap the seeds each week and look for tiny, white roots.

When these appear, carefully transfer the sprouted seeds into small pots of damp potting mix. Clean tweezers are better for this operation than your fingers.

Cover the rose seeds with about a quarter inch of potting soil. Keep the pots moist and warm and green shoots will soon emerge.

Place the unsprouted seeds back in the fridge. Check them again in a week.

Spray the rose seedlings with a copper fungicide to keep them from damping off. Avoid over watering them as well.

The seedlings will display their disease resistance or lack thereof in their first year. Cull the disease prone plants and keep only the healthy roses.

The seedlings of a repeat blooming rose will usually flower during their first growing season.

Trellises: Cambridge Trellis

Trellises: Cambridge Trellis

The Cambridge Trellis is made from 100 percent PVC vinyl, so it never needs to be painted. That also means that it's virtually maintenance free, though we recommend rinsing it off every once in a while to keep it looking new. Comes with easy to follow assembly instructions. Backed by a 20 year warranty. Measures 28 inches wide x 76 inches high.

Why Buy Bare Root Roses?
Why buy bare root roses? What you need to know before buying roses bare root. How to plant bare-root roses. Growing bare root rose bushes.

Transplanting Roses
Transplanting roses is all about transplanting rose bushes. Transplanting climbing roses. How to transplant roses to minimize rose transplant shock. When to transplant rose bushes.

Bonica Rose Bush
The Bonica rose is a pink, double flowered Floribunda rose bush which can be used as a groundcover rose or a hedge rose. Rosa Bonica flowers in repeated waves throughout summer.

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