Large Flowered Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties Divided by Use

History of the Hybrid Tea rose bush. The best types of Large Flowered roses for growing in the landscape. Pink, fragrant, and climbing HTs. Choice cultivars for exhibition and cutting.

The Original 'Peace' Rose

'Chicago Peace' Rose

'Love and Peace'

The first Hybrid Tea (Rosa 'La France') was introduced in 1867 but the Hybrid Tea did not become its own class of rose until 1880.

'La France' was followed into the marketplace by numerous other Large Flowered roses through the turn of the century.

The gardening public did not flock to buy them.

Then, in 1900, a near-yellow flower on a shiny-leaved shrub appeared. 'Soleil d'Or' made the class fashionable and elevated it to the status it enjoys today.

There are many classes or types of roses, but the Hybrid Tea's only real rival for most popular is the Floribunda or Cluster Flowered rose.

Hybrid Tea rose bushes are bred for exhibition above all else. This is the reason for the plants' tall, upright growth habit. Each perfect rose flower is balanced at the tip of a long,sturdy stem.

These long stems come in handy when cutting the blooms which are generally excellent cut flowers. The high-centered, fully double, often richly fragrant blooms come in a multitude of hues and can measure 5 inches across.

What more could you want for the exhibition table or the vase?

You'll find some of the best Large Flowered rose varieties listed below.

Growing Hybrid Tea Roses covers planting, watering, and the care which these roses require.

Types of Hybrid Tea Roses

Preferred HTs for Garden Display

'Charlotte Brownell'

'Sutter's Gold'

'Princess de Monaco'

Cold Hardiness

Most HTs are suitable for growing in USDA zones 5-10.

The Brownell Sub-Zero roses were bred to withstand much lower winter temps.

Most Hybrid Tea roses grow tall and sturdily upright.  They are not the most disease-resistant of rose classes, so the foliage on their lower stems usually ends up falling off by mid summer.  For the majority of cultivars, all the beauty is in the blooms.

Its flowers are unbeatable in compitition, but--as a rule--the HT rose bush is the ugly duckling of the rose world.  At least in comparison to some of its more shapely kin.

Thankfully, there are exceptions to every rule.  The following varieties exhibit greater disease resistance, are more densely foliated and hold their leaves well, and feature a more appealing habit of growth than most of the class. 

'Double Delight' - bushy and spreading

'Poetry in Motion' - vigorous, branching plant useful in beds, amenable to training as a standard

'Chrysler Imperial' - good bedding rose for warm climates, mildews in cold weather

'Chicago Peace' - can be used as a hedge

'Sutter's Gold' - can be grown as a climber, sensational fragrance, best all-around yellow HT

'Princess de Monaco' - compact, bushy, healthy

'Opening Night' - disease resistant, good garden performance

'Charlotte Brownell' - a more cold hardy, disease resistant descendant of  'Peace'

Premier Cutting Roses

Rose, Mojave

'Paradise' Rose

'Almost Black'

'Mister Lincoln' - strong scent

'Blue Moon' - sweetly scented and long lasting

'Mojave' - novel color, very productive

'Almost Black' - dark hue

'Double Delight' - very large, freely produced blooms

'Meitroni' - large, fragrant flowers

'Mirandy' - deep red, strong Damask fragrance

'Memorial Day' - one blossom will scent a room

'Paradise' - unique color

'Blue Girl' - produces several flowers at once

'John F. Kennedy' - tall buds, free-blooming

'Apricot Silk' - keeps well in water, unique color

'Arctic Flame' - a flower factory

Best in Show

'Double Delight' Rose

'Tropicana Rose'

Rosa 'Meitroni' Francis Meilland

Exhibition roses need to be perfect, but producing flawless flowers that will win you ribbons in local competitions is not what nature does best.  The following tips will help you bring home the gold:

  1. Start with a suitable plant.  Although Large Flowered roses are generally bred for exhibition, not all are ribbon worthy.  Look for cultivars with larger-than-average, petal-packed blooms, strong necks to hold those massive flowers up, and healthier-than-average foliage.
  2. Prepare three times as many roses as you plan to exhibit.
  3. Remove the thorns prior to transport to prevent damage to the foliage.
  4. Gently massaging a rose blossom just prior to showing can slightly alter its shape.

'Mister Lincoln' - superb petal substance

'Tropicana' - luminous orange blooms borne singly and in clusters

'Meitroni' - very large pink blooms with perfect form

'Chicago Peace' - 45 petaled flowers

'Double Delight' - queen of the bi-colors

'Loving Memory' - plentiful, well-shaped red flowers

Climbing Hybrid Tea Roses

'Climbing Mister Lincoln'

'Climbing Peace'

'Climbing Miss All-American Beauty'

'Climbing Tropicana' - never caught on with the public

'Climbing Blue Moon' - tall and vigorous

'Climbing Mojave' - repeats well

'Climbing Ophelia' - grows to 12 feet

'Climbing Double Delight' - prefers to grow on a wall

'Climbing Crimson Glory' - very profuse bloom, strong scent

'Climbing Sutter's Gold' - one of the best climbing HTs

The Green Rose, Rosa chinensis viridiflora, is an old heirloom China rose. Its green colored rose are the result of a chance mutation. The petals of this green rose flower are actually sepals.

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