Iceberg Climbing Rose

'Climbing Iceberg' syn 'Climbing Fee des Neiges'

The white Iceberg climbing rose is a Floribunda rose which bears the same slightly fragrant flower clusters as the 'Iceberg' rose bush.

The 'Climbing Iceberg' rose will drape a wall in glossy green leaves and garlands of double blooms from spring to fall.

Arches of Roses, Mottisfont Abbey Garden, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe
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The climbing rose Iceberg is a sport of the 'Iceberg' Floribunda rose shrub. It will climb to a height of 10-15 feet and grows thickly enough to cover an unattractive fence or other rose support.

Space plants 10 feet apart and stand back! 'Iceberg' climbs quickly. It can reach the top of an arbor in little more than a year.

The clear white flowers range from 2 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter and open flat to reveal the gold stamens that dot their centers. They arrive in clusters, each containing as many as 15 individual blossoms, in the spring and repeat throughout the growing season.

'Iceberg' rose fragrance is mild to moderate (depending on climate) and slightly spicy.

The blossoms make attractive and long-lasting cut flowers although they will arrive on short stems.

White and Pink Roses and Heather in a Cup
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If you want to grow white Floribundas for cutting, plant the bush form and keep the plant short. It will then send its sprays up on long stems suitable for arranging.

Iceberg climbing rose trained on a fence.

The long, nearly thornless stems are lined with medium green, abundant foliage that is resistant to black spot and rust. They are very supple which makes this rose easy to train.

This also makes it possible to use 'Climbing Iceberg' as a groundcover.

Adirondack Chairs, Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA
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Try planting it with Clematis 'Niobe' whose deep red flowers will contrast with the white roses.

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'Climbing Iceberg' Rose Stats

Year of Introduction: The 'Climbing Iceberg' rose was introduced by Cant to the U.K. in 1968. It made its way to the U.S. a few years later.

It is a climbing sport of Rosa KORbin which was introduced to Germany by Kordes in 1958.

Attributes: Fragrant, everblooming, disease-resistant and vigorous.


  • National Rose Society Gold Medal 1958
  • Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1958
  • World's Favorite Rose 1983
  • Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Planting Zones: It will bloom prolifically in gardening zones 4a-9b.

Growing Tip: If you have a 'Climbing Iceberg' which has never bloomed, this is not because of anything you have done. The plant was incorrectly propagated. Shovel prune it and replace it with another from a different source.

A Similar Rose

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Another child of 'Iceberg', 'Moondance' gives you more of all the things you love the Iceberg climbing rose for. More flowers on an even more vigorous and disease-resistant plant.

These merits were recognised by the All-America Rose Selections in 2007.

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