Iceberg Rose Bush
Rosa KORbin

White, burgundy and pink 'Iceberg' rose bushes. White 'Climbing Iceberg' Floribunda roses. Planting, pruning and care of Rosa KORbin, the best all-purpose rose in the world.

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'Iceberg' (also called 'Schneewittchen' and 'Fee des Neiges') at 6-8 feet tall is one of the largest of the Floribunda rose bushes. It is also one of the most free-flowering Floribundas.

The blooms are double, 3-4 inches in diameter and lightly to strongly fragrant depending on climate.

The buds of the white form are pink tinged in cold, damp weather. The open flowers may also show pink spots during cool, rainy weather.

There are also burgundy and pink Iceberg roses and a white-flowered Iceberg climbing rose.

'Iceberg' roses.

Another benefit is that, unlike many white flowers, Iceberg's blooms do not turn brown in high heat. They remain a crisp, clean white.

The blooms, each consisting of approximately 25 petals, open flat and will cover the vigorous shrub from top to bottom from spring to fall if this rose is properly handled.

The sparkling white blooms will keep coming right through summer's heat.

Iceberg's foliage is medium green and shiny. It is nearly immune to mildew and only mildly black spot prone in humid areas. In every other respect, this is the best white Floribunda rose of our time.

'Iceberg' is considered to be the best all-around rose because its rain-resistant blooms appear in heavy, repeated flushes and are also long-lasting when cut.

The disease-resistant, well-foliated shrubs also look good in the landscape.

Roses that possess all these qualities are quite rare.

Planting and Pruning 'Iceberg' Floribunda Roses

'Burgundy Iceberg' Floribunda Rose

An 'Iceberg' rose will bloom most heavily and enjoy the best of health when sited in full sun. It is also important to give it enough space as it needs to grow large to make the best flower display.

Space plants 3-4 feet apart.

It does not respond well to hard pruning. By this I mean you should not prune it to 18 inches as you would a Hybrid Tea rose.

If you want a tall bush, just trim it back lightly in the spring and deadhead it after each flush of bloom. For a shorter bush, cut it back by no more than half its height each spring.

Because of its stature, 'Iceberg' can also be trained as a rose tree.

Iceber rose trees planted in a patio box with blooming lavender plants.

'Iceberg' standards share a raised planter with lavender plants.

'Iceberg' Stats

Parentage: 'Robin Hood' x 'Virgo'


  • National Rose Society Gold Medal 1958
  • Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1958
  • World's Favorite Rose 1983
  • Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

For Cut Flowers: Pruning the shrub lower will cause it to send up long-stemmed flower clusters perfect for arranging.

Growing it taller, will cause it to produce its blooms on short stems. The plant looks better in the garden when grown tall.

Feeding: Feed the rose bush in spring and midsummer.

Less is more when it comes to feeding 'Iceberg'. Too much nitrogen can cause it to produce weak stems.

Fun Facts: 'Iceberg' was hybridized by Kordes and introduced to Germany in 1958 as 'Schneewittchen'. Americans found the name akward and dubbed the snow white rose 'Iceberg'.

It performs well in zones 4a-9a and will flower for up to 10 months of the year in the warm end of this range.

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Moondance rose, a descendent of Iceberg rose.

Rose - Moondance - Floribunda

Two Tone Iceberg Rose Tree

'Moondance' is a more vigorous and free-flowering descendant of Iceberg.

It grows 3-4 feet tall and bears fragrant flowers repeatedly throughout the growing season.

The  Two Tone 'Iceberg Rose' tree gives you the beauty of the burgundy and white varieties on a single plant.

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