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Landscape plant guide containing hundreds of pages of landscaping wisdom and inspiration for gardening with flowers, foliage plants, and trees. Design photos and ideas for the front and backyard.


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Giant Philodendrons surround the gaxebo at Leu Gardens in Orlando.

Giant Philodendrons growing around the gazebo at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL.

Living Vases and ti plants flourishing at the Maui Tropical Plantation.

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Table of Contents

Landscape Plant Guide

Aucuba Plant, Variegated Gold Dust, an Evergreen Shrub for Shade

Aucuba japonica 'Variegata' is a woody, evergreen shrub grown outdoors in warm areas. Its yellow speckled, shiny green leaves look as if they've been splattered with gold pain.

Four O'Clocks: Mirabilis jalapa Bears Flowers That Can Tell Time!

Four o'clocks burst into sweetly scented bloom each afternoon like clockwork. The funnel-shaped flowers of the Marvel of Peru appear in many bright colors.

Oxalis triangularis Purple Shamrock and Other Colorful Cultivars

Oxalis triangularis Purple Shamrock is one of several Oxalis cultivars. There are ornamental varieties (regnellii & the striped Candy Cane) & edible types like tuberosa whose roots are sweet as figs.

Palm Trees

Different Kinds of Small Palm Trees to Grow in Small Yards or in Pots

The best small palm trees to plant in pots or smaller landscapes. Different types of palm houseplants. Landscaping with low growing palm plants. Short, bushy palms you can use like shrubs.

Areca Palm Tree Care, Dypsis lutescens, Golden Butterfly Palms

Areca palm tree syn. golden buttterfly palm propagation and cold tolerance. Treating yellowing areca palms.

Pony Tail Palm Tree Pictures & Growing Tips, Beaucarnea recurvata

Beautiful pony tail palm tree pictures. Tips for growing Beaucarnea recurvata trees as indoor house plants. Where to buy an elephant's foot palm.

The Truth About Sago Palms: Cycas revoluta & Other Species

Sago palms are popular landscape plants in the coastal south. Cycas revoluta's rough brown trunk and tuft of dark green fronds have deceived many people into thinking it is a palm tree.

Traveler's Palm: Ravenala madagascariensis is a Peacock of a Tree

Ravenala madagascariensis aka the traveler's palm, is a striking and unusual plant but it is not truly a palm tree. It's a Strelitzia, a relative of the bird of paradise.

The Endangered Spindle Palm: Growing Hyophorbe verschaffeltii

The spindle palm, Hyophorbe verschaffeltii is closely related to the bottle palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis. Like bottle palms, they are easy to care for and nearly extinct in the wild.

Silver Date Palm Trees, Phoenix sylvestris, Wild Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm

Silver date palm trees are ornamental date palms. Phoenix sylvestris fruit is edible but bitter. This is a wild date palm native to India where it is called the Sugar date.

Plant-based Remedies

Chaste Tree Berry, Benefits of Vitex agnus castus Fruit Extract

Chaste tree berry extract confers benefits to women with hormone imbalances. Vitex chaste tree herb is most commonly taken as a tincture. It’s a natural remedy for menopause with few side effects.

Capsicum Oleoresin - Topical Capsaicin Spray

Capsicum oleoresin is the substance in cayenne peppers which makes them burn. This is why this cayenne extract is used in topical capsaicin spray.

Cayenne Peppers - Growing, Drying, and Health Benefits of Cayenne Herb

Information about growing, drying, and the health benefits of cayenne pepper plants and fruit.

Benefits of Capsaicin Cream, Ointment and Lotion for Arthritis

Capsaicin cream contains the pure extract of cayenne peppers. It is this hot cayenne oil that gives topical capsaicin products the power to stop arthritis pain cold.

Garden Pests and Plagues

Clematis Wilt and Other Clematis Disease Information

Clematis wilt and other clematis disease information. Leaf wilt, being the most common of the clematis diseases, is the one you are most likely to encounter when gardening with clematis vines.

Fire Blight - Fruit Tree Disease - Erwinia Amylovora Treatment

Fire blight is a highly contagious fruit tree disease caused by the Erwinia amylovora bacterium. Treatment and control is possible, even after trees become infected.

Ring Nematode and PTSL - Parasitic Plant Nematodes

The ring nematode is a parasitic plant nematode (as opposed to flea or human nematodes) that plays a role in the development of PTSL (peach tree short life), a peach tree disease.

Beneficial Nematodes - Biolgical Pest Control - Good Bugs to Defeat Insect Pests

What are beneficial nematodes? Advantages of biological pest control. Using beneficial bugs for the natural garden. Good bug vs bad bug.

Kill Thrips Pests with this Organic Thrip Control Pesticide

Kill thrips in the garden using natural insecticides. Prevent thrips damage from marring the flowers of your plants and fruit trees. Thrip control products. Thrips picture and information.

Nematode Control: Natural Parasite Control Methods That Work!

Natural nematode control methods and products that really work. Beautiful, colorful solutions for root knot and foliar plant parasitic nematodes. Neem and nematodes.

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