The Light Needs of Indoor Tropical Plants

Indoor tropical plants are a delight to live with. Surround yourself with tropical house plants and be transported from the bitter cold north to the steamy tropics without leaving home.

Orange tropical Hibiscus flower.

Tropical house plants are not always the easiest house plants to maintain.

Care will need to be taken when deciding which plants to invest in and where to place them.

A good strategy would be to first decide where you want the plant to live. That will tell you how large or small a plant to look for. Then look for a plant that fits the space size-wise and will tolerate the light conditions.

For instance, you may have a corner behind a chair in your living room which would accommodate a rather large pot. Perhaps the ceiling is vaulted so a tall plant, or even a small tree, could be staged there.

If you use the corner to read in and the light is subdued when you are not reading, you will have to choose a plant that will tolerate low light levels.

A lady palm might live happily in this location. A banana plant will not.

If the aforementioned corner is drenched in light for the majority of the day, your choices will greatly expand. You could grow a potted lemon tree or a yucca if you like spiky, architectural plants.

A corn plant or any of the Dracaenas would thrive.

What follows is a list of various types of tropical plants:

Low Light House Plants

Reading Level Light

It is best to rotate plants in this exposure into brighter light from time to time.

Indoor Tropical Plants for Moderate Light Situations

No Direct Sun


Tropical House Plants for
Bright Light Locations

Greenhouse Setting or Directly Before a South-facing Window

Remember, it is not natural for plants to live indoors. Most house plants will enjoy better health if they spend a few weeks outside in the shade during the warmth of summer.

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