Jackmanii Clematis

Also sold as Jackmani or Jackman Clematis

Jackmanii Clematis bears the deepest purple flower of any of the Clematis varieties. Jackmanii Superba Clematis is an improved cultivar of Clematis jackmanii with larger more rounded blooms.

This is one of the oldest Clematis varieties and it is still one of the easiest and most rewarding Clematis vines in the garden.

The single flowers of this deepest purple Clematis can be 5 inches across. Some are solid purple, some have a lighter eye in the center.

These magnificent flowers appear in mid to late summer, on vines which climb to 12 feet. The vines are densely foliated with bright to dark green leaves.

Clematis vines climb by wrapping their leaf stalks around thin supports. This makes growing a Clematis up through a shrub easy.

Idea for Gardening with Clematis

To get double duty out of a spring flowering shrub:

  1. Plant a Jackman Clematis beneath a lilac bush. It will scramble up the bush and bloom after the lilac has finished.
  2. The following spring, prune the Clematis hard and pull the old vines out of the lilac.
  3. Enjoy the fragrant lilac flowers.

Propagating Clematis jackmanii

Clematis, Jackmani

Cheapest Clematis Jackmani Plants Online

Once you've grown this easy care beauty, you are sure to want more. Jackman Clematis can be propagated by root division but this is hard work. It is much easier to save the seed.

Allow a few seedheads to form and mature on the vine. Let them dry on the plant before you remove them and collect the seed.

Sow Clematis seed indoors during late winter.

Cuttings--soft or hard wood--will also root.

Clematis x jackmanii is winter hardy in zones 4a-9b.

Clematis Care Tip

Clematis, Purple

Lowest Price on a Purple Clematis Vine

If your vine fails to bloom, its roots may be too hot. Try planting a living mulch over the root zone. One of the sedums would be perfect as they don't drink much.

Jackmanii Superba Clematis

Clematis Jackmanii Superba
Clematis Jackmanii Superba Buy at AllPosters.com

The same purple clematis flowers as the original Jackmanii Clematis only they are slightly larger and more rounded. Pinch off the spent flowers before they set seed to make this Clematis bloom repeatedly.

Jackmanii Superba is a heavy blooming, vigorous clematis vine which will grow quickly to 12 feet. It should be pruned hard (to 12 inches) in early spring.

This member of the Clematis viticella group is hardy in zones 4a-9b.

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