Japanese Painted Fern
Athyrium niponicum pictum

Japanese painted fern photos and growing info. Athyrium niponicum var pictum. The colorful foliage of painted and Ghost ferns make them beautiful shade garden perennials.

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Athyrium niponicum var pictum, a close relative of the lady fern, is grown for its silvery or sometimes purplish foliage. The fronds grow to a length of 12-18 inches and taper at the tips. They are darker down the center with lighter edges.

They are hardy outdoors down to -30 degrees F.

Site them in moisture retentive soil in part shade for best growth and coloring. Keep them moist but not wet.

This cultivar is called 'Burgundy Lace'.

A. niponicum pictum planted with Heuchera 'Amethyst Myst'.

Painted Japanese fern is tough enough to be planted under mature trees. Conversely, it is tenacious enough to become a problem. The thick mat of roots can be hard to dig out.

Painted ferns are best used as a colorful, spreading ground cover in light to moderately shaded areas. They do not need any direct sun in order to retain their beautiful coloring, but dense shade should be avoided.

Ghost Japanese Painted Fern

Ghost Fern
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Japanese Painted Fern
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

The ghost fern is a cross between Athyrium niponicum and Athyriunm felix-femina.

Its triangular fronds grow to 18 inches and feature a dark midrib which contrasts with the lighter, silver green leaves. The leaves are most silver when they first emerge in the spring.

It enjoys the same growing conditions as A. niponicum

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