Joseph's Coat Rose
Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

Joseph's Coat rose is a Modern Cluster Flowered Climber bearing huge trusses of multicolored roses. Joseph's Coat climbing rose is heat tolerant and disease resistant. Rosa Joseph's Coat can also be trained as a free-standing shrub rose.

Rose, Climbing Joseph's Coat

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The color show put on by this rose bush is not to be believed. Neat red buds open into semi-double yellow roses edged pink or red.

And this is only the beginning.

As each rose flower ages the petals change to orange and then red. The effect of several hundred blooms performing this feat individually is that of a constantly changing kaleidoscope of garden color.

To say that the rose Climbing Joseph's Coat is eye-attracting is an understatement.

Josephs Coat rose on a white trellis.

Joseph's Coat rose was hybridized by Armstrong/Swim and introduced in 1964.

It can be trained to climb or grown as a large, open shrub rose. When grown as a climber, it will reach a height of 8-12 feet. It is very thorny and tends to produce lax stems so place it where it people are unlikely to brush against the canes.

The multicolored flowers make repeat appearances throughout the hottest summers and are offset by bright green, usually healthy foliage.

It shows good mildew resistance but will suffer from black spot in some parts of the country. Many gardener's feel it is worth spraying every 6 weeks in the summer for the color show and delicious rose fragrance they get in return.

The climbing rose Joseph's Coat will tolerate some shade but will bloom more heavily in all day sun. It will also bloom more heavily if deadheaded and pruned properly. It blooms on new wood so prune it to promote new growth in early spring.

The feet of a Josephs Coat rose plant.

I've included this picture to show you one of the best features of this rose plant.

Notice the lovely way it flowers from top to bottom. No naked knees here!

Joseph's Coat climbing rose will perform best in zones 5b(with winter protection )-10a.

Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose

Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose

Cardinal-red buds have a coral tint, open golden, then gradually turn red again.

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The Roman Trellis will make a statement in your garden. Because it s crafted from premium weatherresistant vinyl your trellis can handle healthy plant growth without breaking. And forget about peeling your Joseph's Coat rose away to paint or stain because this trellis is maintenance free.

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