Juniperus chinensis Bonsai  Sale

Bonsai Juniper Plants

Beautiful Juniperus chinensis bonsai (also called Shimpaku) trees in different sizes and styles.  Shimpaku juniper bonsai starter kits plus all the information you need to grow them successfully.

Bonsai Juniper in Water/Land Container

Shimpaku Bonsai Tree

Chinese Juniper Bonsai in Lava Rock

These are outdoor bonsai plants which can and should be left outside year round in USDA zones 5-9.  The Chinese juniper's textured bark and fine, evergreen foliage make it the perfect tree for bonsai.  Its drought and cold tolerance make it easy to care for.

Juniperus chinensis bonsai plants should be grown in a location where they will be exposed to all-day sun.  They are not picky about the type of soil they are planted in as long as it is free-draining. 

Because bonsai trees grow in such a small amount of soil, regular watering is their most onerous care requirement.  The Chinese juniper tolerates dry soil better than most other bonsai varieties making it one of the best bonsai trees for beginners.

A diverse assortment of bonsai juniper trees trained in a variety of styles is available on this page.  If this is your first bonsai and you want to keep it simple, buy the starter kit below; it comes with everything you need to raise a healthy, handsome tree.

If you admire the beauty and grace of bonsai but just don't have time to care for one, buy the preserved bonsai in the widget above.  This is a hand-crafted tree made from real juniper wood and leaves.  It will last forever and you will never need to prune or water it.

If you are an experienced grower who wants to enjoy the challenge of training a tree from scratch, you may want to purchase the pre-bonsai below.  The following articles will help you to achieve success:

Watering Bonsai Trees   Bonsai Training Guide    How to Feed Bonsai

Juniperus chinensis Bonsai

Juniper Pre Bonsai Tree

Juniper Bonsai Complete Starter Kit

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