Knockout Rose Care

How to Grow Knockout Roses

Knockout rose care explains how to grow easy-does-it Knockout roses. Caring for Knock Out roses could not be simpler. The disease resistant roses in this series do not require spraying or tricky pruning.

They do not need perfect soil. If other shrubs grow well in your yard, so will Knockout shrub roses.

Knockout rose flower picture.

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How much space is needed to plant the Knock Out rose?

This depends on the effect you're trying to achieve. For a hedge of Knock Out rose bushes, plant the shrubs 2-3 feet apart depending on variety and climate.

For instance, in the deep south the shrubs should be spaced further apart because they tend to grow both taller and wider in this climate.

The red Knockout rose, being the most vigorous of all the varieties of Knockout roses will need more space than a slower growing variety like the blushing Knockout rose. This is what determines how far apart you plant them.

The space a single plant needs can be anything from a 3-5 foot square depending on which variety you plant.

When to Plant Knockout Roses

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose Tree

Red Knock Out® Rose Tree

Polar Joy Rose Tree

This is a tough landscape rose which can be planted at any time of year except the hottest part of summer and winter.

Whether you plant them in spring or fall depends on where you live. In zone 5, spring planting is better because it gives the roses a full growing season to become established before contending with winter's cold.

In zone 9 or 10, fall planting would give the Knockout rose garden many months of cool weather to become established in before dealing with the intense heat of a southern summer.

Knockout Rose Care:
How to Plant Knockout Roses

Here, pink and Blushing Knockout roses have been used as an underplanting for a Mexican Fan palm.

These landscape roses will grow in nearly any type of soil as long as it drains well but Knockout rose care will be easier and the shrubs will be more attractive in good garden soil.

If the soil in the planting area is poor, amend it by digging in plenty of organic matter before setting the plants in.

This will cause the soil to hold moisture better and the plants will have an easier time becoming established.

When you're ready to plant, dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball but just deep enough so that the plant will be at the same level it is at in the nursery container.

Set the rose bush into the hole and fill it back up with soil. Make a basin of soil around the plant's drip line.

This will make Knockout rose care easier by keeping the newly planted rose from drying out.

Plant a bare root Knockout rose by making a cone of soil inside the planting hole. Set the rose onto the cone of soil so that the roots drape down over it without being crowded or bent.

Follow the rest of the planting instructions above.

How often do you water Knockout roses?

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Regularly when they are first planted. This means enough to keep the plant from exhibiting signs of stress. In the dog days of summer, any plant will wilt at noon. This does not mean it needs more water.

Wait until dusk.

It's when they don't recover at dusk that they need supplemental water.

Once a Knockout rose is established, it won't need much supplemental water. If the leaves begin to turn yellow or brown at the edges and growth slows, you are likely watering it too much.

When do I fertilize Knockout roses?

Knock Out roses planted beneath a crape myrtle tree.

Shrub roses like regular meals.

Feeding Knockout roses is like feeding any other rose bush.

Feed them a slow release granular in the spring. Follow this each month with a water soluble fertilizer like Miracle Grow.

A sprinkling of Epsom salt on top of the soil during rainy weather is beneficial to all rose bushes.

Knock Out Rose Diseases

These shrub roses are very disease resistant but they can get a touch of black spot from time to time. It will usually not be severe enough to affect the shrub's growth.

Knockout rose care does not require that you treat this common rose disease at all unless you feel it is getting out of hand. If this is the case, spray the bush with a fungicide.

There is no need to put Knockout rose bushes on a spray schedule.

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