Lady Fern
Athyrium felix-femina

Lady fern facts. About Athyrium felix-femina as well as the dwarf lady Athyrium felix-femina 'Minutissimum' and the lady in red fern.

Lady in Red Fern

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Growing up into USDA zone 2, this is the most cold hardy fern of the Athyrium clan. This, along with its easy culture, has also made it the most popular.

The bright green, lacy fronds grow in clumps to 3 feet tall on moist soil in shady places. Eventually, the center of the clump will die out.

This is the time to dig it up and divide the live outer portions into new clumps. Spring is the best time to perform this operation.

There is also a

southern lady type of fern.

Lady Fern Facts

Fern, Lady

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  • This fabulous fern is a staple food of the Grizzly bear and an occasional snack of the Elk.

  • Native American tribes used the leaves to cover their food. They also ate the fiddleheads (new growth).

  • The rhizomes contain an oil which will kill intestinal worms but an overdose can cause coma or blindness!

    Do not ingest any portion of this plant. The information above is provided for educational purposes only.

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