Landscaping Bushes
Shrubs to Plant for 4 Season Garden Interest

The hardest working landscaping bushes & shrubs you can plant. Shade loving outdoor shrubs with berries. Early spring flowering bushes that do a color change in fall. Small evergreens for winter interest.

With colorful shrubs like these, who needs flowers?

If you want to add year-round color and structure to your landscape without adding hours of maintenance to your schedule, shrubs are the answer. 

Mix dark green conifers with gray and yellow evergreens to compose a planting, like the one above, which is striking throughout the seasons.

If you want the picture outside your windows to change with the seasons, install flowering shrubs.  Most of these are deciduous, and although they denude themselves each winter, they make up for this by offering a final burst of flashy fall color before doing their strip tease. The ones that produce berries after they bloom put on an even grander performance.

By choosing the right landscaping bushes and shrubs you can achieve the garden of your dreams with ease!

False Cypress - Golden Mop

Ninebark - Summer Wine®

Juniper - Blue Star

In summer, the lavender pink flowers of Summer Wine Ninebark contrast beautifully against its deep purple leaves which turn bright red in fall.  Afters the leaves drop, the peeling bark will keep you entertained well into winter.

This very hardy plant will grow in just about any soil in zones 3-9.

Ordinary boxwood made extraordinary through creative pruning.

Boxwood and cypress shrubs are garden staples which may be used for low or tall hedges.  Box is nearly always sheared, but cypress may be grown naturally or clipped however you please.

Leyland cypress sculpted into arches.

For topiary, Buxus is the better choice. 

Its leaves are small and grow densely. 

It grows slowly enough that the chosen shape could be maintained with just one or two trimmings per season.

Leyland Cypress

Boxwood - Wee Willie

Boxwood - Green Mountain

Landscaping Bushes
Shrubs that Bloom

Ninebark - Amber Jubilee

Sugartina Summersweet

Pink Flowering Almond

Amber Jubilee Ninebark kicks off its year-long color show with a burst of fuzzy white spring blossoms.  Once these flowers fade, the orange, yellow, and green summer foliage keeps up the color show.

 In fall, the leaf color deepens to dark red before they drop to reveal the six foot shrub's exfoliating bark!

The fragrant, white flower spikes of Sugartina Summersweet are a delightful addition to any planting in full sun to part shade.  Its compact growth  and dwarf size allow plenty of latitude in siting it.  If this is not enough to recommend it, its yellow fall color will surely close the deal.

The Pink Flowering Almond is a dwarf shrub you are sure to adore! Maturing to just four feet tall and wide, it may be grown on nearly any soil in zones 4-7.

This slow-growing spring bloomer gives an encore performance each fall when its leaves turn gold.  This plant's summer fruit is not showy but bird watchers will enjoy the show put on by their feathered visitors as they feast on it.

Bushes with Berries

Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush

Dwarf Holly, Red Sprite

Viburnum, Brandywine

Fool the birds!  Plant an ornamental pink blueberry

Each spring, the pinkish white blossoms appear.  You spend the summer watching the fruit ripen--and, of course, picking it to add to your cereal bowl or muffin batter.  Imagine, pink blueberry muffins.  Your family will be amazed!

Once the berries are done, the fall color show is set to begin.  The leaves turn attractive shades of red and orange before they drop for the winter.

On top of all this, Pink Lemonade is self-pollinating so you only have to plant one.

Shade Tolerant Shrubs

Fragrant Azalea, Manderin Lights

Japanese Maple, Bloodgood

Oregon Grapeholly

Technically, the Bloodgood Maple is a tree, but its slow growth causes it to behave more like a shrub.  Japanese maples cannot be beat for contributing rich color and superb texture to the landscape.  The wine red leaves persist for months before turning bright orange each autumn.

Plant it in sun to part shade in zones 5-8.

Oregon Grapeholly is a broadleaf evergreen with much to offer:

  • In spring, its golden flower clusters perfume the air.
  • The brilliant blossoms are followed by bunches of blue berries which resemble grapes in late summer.
  • Can handle full shade and dry soil.
  • In addition to all these attributes, it is deer resistant.

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