Ideas for Landscaping Yards
Residential Home Landscape Design

Comprehensive guide for landscaping yards. Info to help you take your home landscape design to new heights of loveliness. Creative ideas for front, back, and small yards. Hillside and desert yard strategies, etc.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Each part of a home landscape design serves a specific purpose.  The front yard is the face your home presents to the public and the area that guests, neighbors and delivery people have ready access to.  Its most important function is to guide visitors to your front door.

Beyond this, the front yard landscape design serves to tie the house to the yard and allows it to harmonize with its surroundings.  It must do this while adding curb appeal and also making a well-thought-out statement about the home's occupants to passersby.

This is a tall order. 

If you are new to landscaping yards and will not have professional assistance, begin with a less intimidating portion of the landscape, and leave the front yard for later when you have gained some confidence.

3 Keys to Tropical Landscape Design

The backyard is your home's private retreat.  It is largely hidden from public view and accessible only to family and friends.  Design this area with the home's occupants and their social needs in mind.

If there are children or pets who live there or visit often, a play area is a must.  This can be as simple as a small patch of lawn or as elaborate as a custom-designed tree house.

The adults will appreciate a peaceful conversation nook where they can sit and unwind at the end of a trying day.  If entertaining is important to them, a large patio, deck or courtyard may be incorporated into the design.

Finally, the side yard is often used as a service area for stowing garbage cans.  There are structures you can build to conceal these eyesores and plants you can use to soften and beautify this, usually, narrow space.

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