Lavender Roses
Blue Colored Roses

Lavender roses are often called blue colored roses. When describing roses, lavender is the more accurate term. Best light purple varieties including climbing roses and landscape shrubs.

Click here to learn the meaning of lilac or lavender roses.

Purple rose color meaning varies according to the shade of the flower.

A lavender purple rose signifies something slightly different from a deep purple rose.

This is a listing of the best blue colored roses you can grow.

To describe a rose plant as blue is somewhat misleading. A natural blue rose has yet to be developed. The blue roses you see in wedding arrangements have been dyed by a florist.

Roses with the word "blue" in their name will most often possess lavender petals. The flowers of these plants will vary in hue from mauve to orchid to purple. I am not including the deep purple roses in this listing.

Lavender Varieties

Floribunda Roses

Rose, Angel Face

Rose, Koko Loko

The ruffled lavender roses of 'Angel Face' place it among the prettiest of the purple Floribunda rose bushes. Its disease resistance is an appreciated added bonus.

The burnished buds of 'Koko Loko' open creamy tan and fade to soft lavender as they age.  These amazing flowers appear on a rounded shrub 3-4' tall.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Rose, Paradise

Rose, Blue Moon

Rose, Blue Girl

'Memorial Day' and 'WWII Memorial Rose' are fragrant, lavender pink Hybrid Tea roses.

'Blue Moon' is a very fragrant Hybrid Tea rose which is treasured for its rare blue color and its sugar and spice scent.

There is also a 'Climbing Blue Moon' rose.

The 'Blue Gir'l rose is a lavender blue Hybrid Tea rose.

This is one of the prettiest blue roses I have seen and it's fragrant to boot!

The high-centered rose flowers emit a citrus rose perfume.

'Paradise' rose bush, Rosa Weziep, is a lavender and red Hybrid Tea rose.

'Burning Sky' and 'Passion' are other names for it.

One look at its double flowers will assure you that it is worthy of all these names.

Lavender Grandiflora Rose

Rose, Wild Blue Yonder

The 'Wild Blue Yonder' rose is a very fragrant Grandiflora bearing fat, pointed buds which open into 4 inch lavender-pink roses. The flowers exude a sweet citrus blossom and rose fragrance.

Shrub/Hedge Roses

Rose, Purple Perfection Hedge

Rose - Hansa - Hybrid Rugosa

For a disease-resistant hedge that covers itself in fragrant bloom several times each season, plant a row of Freedom roses.

'Hansa' is a hybrid rugosa.  Pinkish purple blossoms on one of the toughest, most cold hardy roses you can grow.

Lavender Climbing Rose

Climbing Angel Face Rose

Rose, Climbing Blue Moon

These are climbing variants of the roses described above.

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