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Stanley Burroughs Lemonade Diet

Free Stanley Burroughs lemonade diet recipe. Ingredients in the master cleanser diet recipe. Benefits of the master lemonade cleansing fasting diet.


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The Lemonaide Diet

This is a master lemonade cleansing fasting diet that should only be used by people who are in good health and need to lose less than 25 lbs. quickly.

The lemonade diet drink should be mixed fresh each day and the master cleanser's lemonade diet should not be continued for more than 14 days in a row.

The lemonade diet program was originally developed by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s not as a weight loss plan but to cleanse the body of impurities. It was reintroduced in a book by Burroughs devotee Peter Glickman in 2004.

People who used the lemon cayenne pepper detox drink also lost a significant number of pounds as the lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper diet melted away their excess fat.

Melt Stubborn Belly Fat Using This Method

Benefits of the Lemonade Diet

The lemonade diet results in fast weight loss. This is its main benefit but not its only one. Many people use it just to detoxify.

Stanley Burroughs recommended it as a treatment for ulcers.

Many fans of the lemon cayenne pepper diet credit it with clearing up their acne prone skin. This may be due to its detoxifying effect on the blood.

Your hair and nails may grow due to the minerals in the grade B maple syrup.

Is the Lemonade Diet Safe?

It is sometimes recommended that you drink a sea salt flush consisting of 2 teaspoons of sea salt in a quart of water to help get your bowels moving while on this diet plan.

I think this is very dangerous advice. Just because it's sea salt doesn't make it safe to consume 2 teaspoons of it at one sitting. This amount of salt could cause a dangerous spike in blood pressure in some people.

The quantity of maple syrup in the cayenne pepper detox drink should keep things moving.

The Lemonade Diet Recipe

Mix the fresh squeezed juice of half a lemon (you can substitute a lime if you like), 2 tablespoons of grade B maple syrup and 1/8 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (ground or liquid)into 8 ounces of pure water.

Drink this alone for 10-14 days. Mix up a cup and drink it whenever you feel hungry or thirsty. Try to consume 6-12 cups each day.

Lemonade Diet Fasting Tips

You may experience a healing crisis. This is normal but not pleasant. It feels like you are ill. You may become nauseous or dizzy. These symptoms usually subside in a few days as your body clears the toxins.

When you are ready to discontinue the fast, return to solid food carefully. Eat broth based soups and rice, perhaps a little raw fruit for the first day or two. Give your digestive tract time to make the transition. This is not the time to go to your favorite steak house.

This is more of a fast than a diet. You will want to rest as much as possible while undergoing it. If your job is physically demanding, wait until you are on vacation to start using the lemonade diet recipe.

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This liquid cayenne extract is better to use in the lemonade diet recipe than the powder which is grainy and will not dissolve in water.

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