Light Conditions for a Spineless Yucca Tree

Will a spineless Yucca tree live in low, indoor light?

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Some Yucca species thrive in shady locations outdoors, so they do not all have to be sited in bright light.

However, outdoor shade is brighter than the light in most indoor rooms.

Yucca plants are often grown as houseplants but this does not mean that they do not enjoy abundant light.

I would not recommend that you place a Yucca tree in a dimly lit room for more than just a few weeks at a time.

Most plants will not thrive in low light.

You can use live plants in these rooms but you will need to rotate them into better light every 3-4 weeks.

Another thing that can make Yucca plants difficult indoor plants is their sharp leaf tips.

The leaves of Yucca elephantipes, the spineless Yucca, do not terminate in these needle-like points.

Yucca Plant Care

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