Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

Hibiscus moscheutos

Lord Baltimore hibiscus. Hardy, perennial Hibiscus moscheutos plant care. Giant red dinner plate hibiscus. Swamp rose mallow.

Chameleon on a Hibiscus in a Key West Garden
Chameleon on a Hibiscus in a Key West Garden

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This dinner plate hibiscus is treasured for its giant red flowers. They are 10 inches across and the pure, crimson red color contrasts nicely with the plant's bright green leaves.

Each flower features a large central stamen and lasts for just one day. Once the plant comes into bloom, new flowers will open each morning.

The lobed leaves are maple-shaped and grow to about 4 inches long and wide.

With ample water, Lord Baltimore will reach a height of 6-8 feet and spread to 4 feet wide.

This is a cold hardy, perennial hibiscus variety that will return from the root each year in USDA zones 6-8 though it is slow to emerge in the spring.

Hibiscus Lord Baltimore Care

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Hibiscus moscheutos performs best in full to part sun and damp soil.

In nature, these plants are found growing in swamps and boggy wetlands. This is why it is commonly called swamp rose mallow.

Hibiscus rose mallow loves heat, but of course, the hotter it gets, the more water it will require.

A soil enriched with organic matter will give the best performance but swamp mallow can be planted on any soil as long as you don't let it dry out. A site with some wind protection is best.

Deadhead the spent blooms to keep the plant blooming and pretty.

Fertilize regularly during the growing season with a bloom booster.

Giant Hibiscus Propagation

Rose mallow seeds are easy to sprout. Sow them in warm, moist peat in the spring and you'll have flowers in a little more than 2 months.

Wait until you see new growth in late spring or early summer before cutting this hibiscus shrub back. The old, dead stems will serve as place markers and stop you from inadvertently digging the plants up when you do your spring planting.

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Lord Baltimore Hardy Perennial Hibiscus (Red)

Lord Baltimore Hardy Perennial Hibiscus (Red)

Brilliant flowers stretch 6-12" wide from midsummer to fall, giving your garden a tropical feel.



You can now enjoy these gorgeous flowers in your northern home. Sensational winter hardy variety of a tropical favorite.

Mixed colors only: Red, pink, white, maroon and salmon.

Hibiscus Mutabilis
Hibiscus mutabilis or Confederate Rose grows into a large deciduous shrub in the tropics or subtropics but acts more like a perennial in more temperate areas.

Tropical Hibiscus Care
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