Lupine Plant

Lupinus polyphyllus

Buy a garden lupine plant. Russel Mix seeds. Tips for planting Lupinus polyphyllus. What you should never do when growing lupins.

Orange lupines and Coreopsis growing in a perennial garden.

Planting Tip:

Lupines thrive on moist, acid soils.  Never use  lime near them.

Lupins make fantastic vertical accents in garden beds and also in arrangements when you cut the flowers to enjoy them indoors.  Their colorful spires appear in early summer (May in most of the plant's growing range) and last for several weeks in zones 4-8.

The sweet-pea-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies while their palmate leaves provide texture when juxtaposed against finer or bolder foliage.

Lupins pair well with roses.  The purple lupine, 'Gallery Blue', looks absolutely stunning when positioned alongside white 'Iceberg' roses.

'Gallery Red' would be the perfect companion for a pink rose like 'Bonica', 'Queen Elizabeth', or 'Therese Bugnet'.

Lupine Plant - Gallery Blue

Russel Mix Lupine Seeds

Lupine - Gallery Red

Plant in full sun where summers are cool and protect them from hot summer winds.  Prepare the soil by adding lots of leaf mold to it prior to setting the plants in.  This should provide enough nutrition for the first year.  In subsequent years, sprinkle finished compost or 5-10-10 fertilizer around the plants in spring and again six weeks later.

It is best not to transplant established lupins.  Young plants can be successfully moved if care is taken not to damage their roots.

This short-lived perennial is one of the easiest to raise from seed.  Starting new plants is the best way to increase your stock.

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