Meaning of a Yellow Rose
The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Meaning of a yellow rose is about the meaning of yellow roses. A single yellow rose signifies something different than a yellow rose bouquet. A yellow rose bud says something different than a yellow rose flower.

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What Do Yellow Roses Mean?

A yellow rose symbolizes the sun which gives light and warmth to the earth and all its inhabitants. It is as if the yellow rose petals absorb and reflect the sunshine back to us.

It is for this reason that yellow roses mean friendship.

Friendships light up our days and warm our hearts.

In Victorian England yellow roses represented jealousy. They still do in some countries but in the United States, a yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy.

What Do Yellow Roses Signify?

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Yellow roses symbolize all the joy and happiness that friendships bring into our lives. The primary yellow rose meaning is that of platonic love.

Yellow roses meaning also encompasses the love between sisters.

A Single Yellow Rose

A single yellow rose symbolizes a singular platonic relationship. You could give a single yellow rose to your best or only friend or to your only sister.

A bouquet of yellow roses would be an appropriate way to wish a friend or casual acquaintance joy or happiness or to announce glad tidings to the special people in your life.

A half dozen yellow roses says, "I value your friendship" or "I really like you and I hope you like me too."

Yellow Rose Bud

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A fresh rose bud is always a symbol of youth. You might give yellow bud roses to a new friend or to a child you are close to.

Yellow Rose Wedding Bouquet

The meaning of a yellow rose bridal bouquet is that it symbolizes a joyous union.

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Be a real romeo (or juliet) and send this lyrical bouquet to someone you hold dear. This timeless arrangement is a charming reminder of bygone days.

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