The Meaning of Red Roses
Rose Color Meaning

The meaning of red roses is the best understood of rose color meanings. Learn how the meaning of one red rose differs from the meaning of a red rose bouquet.

The first roses to be widely cultivated by Europeans were red gallicas. They were used medicinally and in important ceremonies. This is where the tradition of decorating wedding attire with roses was born. The custom of using red roses as a wedding decoration became so widespread that red roses and romantic love became entwined in people's minds.

Today, roses of every color are used in weddings but red rose meaning is still tied to passionate love. The roses most often exchanged by sweethearts on St. Valentine's Day are red Hybrid Tea roses.

Two Dozen Red Rose Delight

Send This Two Dozen Red Rose Delight

Red is the color of fire. It symbolizes the burning heat of passion. A true love, strong enough to endure life's thorns. Red signifies the presence of powerful, dynamic, life-changing, life-enhancing emotions.

Meaning of a Red Rose Bouquet

Three Dozen Red Rose Bouquet

Send This Three Dozen Red Rose Bouquet

A bouquet of red roses says, "I love you passionately." It signifies sexual desire regardless of the number of roses in the bunch.

You can use numbers to add additional layers of meaning to the gift but the primary red rose meaning of hot passion cannot be altered.

For example 10 red roses would say, (10 being the number of completion) "I love you completely."

Seven being the number of perfection would say, "I think you're perfect." or "Our love is perfect."

Red Rose Single

Classic Red Roses Bouquet

Send a Classic Red Roses Bouquet

The meaning of one red rose is, "My heart belongs to you and you alone."

As rose number meaning is not common knowledge, include a note so that your added sentiments will not go unnoticed.

Red rose buds signify new or young love.

Since the days of the Tudors, red and white roses have been a symbol of unity.

Kiss of the Rose Bouquet

Kiss of the Rose Bouquet

True love. Sweet love. Beautiful love. Celebrate all the meaning of red roses with this elegant arrangement of 40 cm red roses hand-delivered in a decorative vase. Six ravishing red roses are mixed with gypsophila and greens to create a perfectly beautiful bouquet that sends a kiss of bliss. Measures 11'' x 15''.

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