Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees

Growing dwarf Meyer lemon trees. Improved Meyer lemon care. Meyer lemon diseases. How to prune Meyer lemon plants. Meyer lemon origin, height and cold hardiness.

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Meyer lemons were discovered by Frank N. Meyer of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1908.

They are believed to be the result of a chance cross between a true lemon ( Eureka or Lisbon ) and a mandarin orange. They look like lemons but grow slightly larger and taste less tart.

These dwarf lemon trees produce heavy loads of fruit on low spreading trees to 8 feet. They will fruit continuously if properly fed and protected from frost. See Lemon Tree Fertilizer for explicit feeding instructions and Lemon Tree Care to lean how to protect the trees during cold weather. A mature Improved Meyer lemon tree will be winter hardy in zones 9a-11. Very young or small trees will need winter protection in the coldest end of this range.

Meyer lemon trees in snow.

Meyer lemons covered by snow in zone 8. A mature tree will survive in this zone if you can get it through its first few winters.

Meyer lemons are very useful in cooking and I love having a tree right in the yard.

Meyer Lemon Care

Meyer lemon tree in bloom with a ripe fruit.

A Meyer lemon in full bloom with a ripe fruit still attached.

Dwarf Meyer lemon trees require the same care as other lemon trees. Lemon Tree Care and Growing Lemon Trees in Pots will provide you with all the information you need on how to care for Meyer lemons.

Meyer lemons are self fertile so you only need one tree to get fruit.

*All trees sold as Meyer lemons today are actually the Meyer Improved lemon tree. The change was made when the original strain was found to be an asymptomatic host of the deadly tristeza virus. The originals were destroyed and replaced with the improved strain which is not a carrier.

When to pick Meyer Lemons

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The flavor is best after they turn yellow. You can use them while they are still green if you desperately need a lemon in the kitchen and don't want to run to the store.

The ripe (bright golden yellow) fruit will hold on the tree for weeks without deteriorating. I leave them on the tree until I need them.

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