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What do Miniature Roses, 'Drift' Roses & Double Impatiens Have in Common?

Discover why miniature roses are better suited to indoor culture than other rose varieties. Learn about the new mini rose/groundcover rose hybrids and lookalikes. Buy mini rose plants here.

Rose Collection, Miniature

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Place a mini rose on a window sill where its diminutive blooms will be constantly on display.

A mini rose plant will usually lack the sweet perfume of other, larger roses. But whatever it lacks in aroma, this indoor rose plant makes up in blooming power. Mini roses are all ever-blooming as long as you keep them deadheaded.

Miniature roses range in height from 8 to 24 inches. They bloom in every color and, while most are doubles, there are a few single-flowered varieties.

They are better suited to indoor growing than any other type of rose precisely because they are smaller and less thorny.

Miniature Rose Care

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Growing roses indoors is a process that involves both pleasure and pain. If you can manage to get their culture right, you'll have the pleasure of nearly year-round flowering. If you don't, you'll suffer the pain of battling insect infestations.

The biggest problem an indoor rose plant will face is attack by spider mite.

Mites appear as tiny red dots on the undersides of the rose foliage. As they suck the life from the plant, you will notice the leaves becoming marred. Once they've got a foothold you'll see their webs. Check your plants weekly. The sooner you catch them the better.

The appearance of spider mites is an indication of a cultural problem. They show up when the air is too hot, dry, or stagnant. Turn on a fan, lower the heat (move plants away from radiators) and increase the humidity in the growing area.

Place a piece of foil over the soil in the pot and rinse the mites off under the faucet.

If this doesn't work, apply a systemic pesticide. Use a drench rather than a spray. The drench will be taken up by the roots of the plant and spread to every leaf and branch. This way you won't have to spray toxic chemicals inside your home.

Roses do not bloom continually but repeatedly, in flushes which occur every few weeks. Snip off the old blossoms after each flush to prepare your little rose bush for its next burst of bloom.

If your rose should stop blooming and drop a lot of leaves in the dead of winter do not panic. Your lovely rose is not dying.

This is normal winter behavior. Look at the roses outside in your yard. They're doing the same thing. Some miniature roses that grow indoors will do this as well. Some will not. The ones that do are just telling you that they want to rest.

Place them in a cooler, but still somewhat bright, location. Water sparingly and do not feed them during this time.

Place the rose back in full sun and resume your normal feeding and watering schedule when you see new growth forming. Follow these instructions and your roses that grow indoors will give you pleasure instead of pain.

'Drift' Roses

Sweet Drift rose. The dainty, pale pink blooms of Rosa 'Meisweetdom' more closely resemble those of a miniature rose than those of the other plants in this series.

They appear in profuse flushes from spring til frost on robust plants 24-36 inches tall by 36-48 inches wide.

'Drift' roses are a series of groundcover rose/mini rose hybrids. You get the toughness of a carpet rose combined with the heavy bloom and compact growth habit of a miniature rose.

Because of their carpet rose lineage, 'Drift' roses will thrive outdoors. Their small size allows them to flourish in containers.

When growing them indoors, treat them just as you would any miniature rose.

There are single and double-flowered cultivars in colors ranging from peach to bright pink. Plants range from 12-36 inches in height and spread. Some cultivars are mildly fragrant but most are not.

They are, without a doubt, the best mini roses to plant outdoors.

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Mini Rose Lookalikes

Double <i>Impatiens</i> 'Rockapulco White'.

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The double Impatiens more closely resemble mini roses than any other plant.

They thrive indoors as long as the air around them is not too dry.

If you want the look of a miniature rose on a plant that does not require direct sun, this is the plant for you.

Double Impatiens bloom in various shades of white, pink, lavander and red.

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Rainbow Mini Rose Rise N Shine

Rainbow Mini Rose Rise N Shine

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Rainbow Mini Rose Stars & Stripes

Rainbow Mini Rose Stars & Stripes

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Sweet Chariot Mini Rose

Sweet Chariot Mini Rose

BUY 2 OR MORE AND SAVE! A very unusual purple cascading rose. Sweet Chariot has a profusion of double lavender-violet bloom clusters. This variety makes a fabulous hanging basket.

Rainbow Mini Rose Green Ice

Rainbow Mini Rose Green Ice

BUY 2 OR MORE AND SAVE! A very novel color in roses, Green Ice is a soft cream color with a minty green blush. The cooler the weather, the greener the blooms will be. Ideal for the front of the border, in rock gardens and containers. Blooms continuously from spring until the first hard frost.

Rose, Miniature Pink

Rose, Miniature Pink

Bring the joy of roses inside! Miniature Roses are just like the rose bushes you grow outdoors in every way except size.

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