Pros vs Cons of Growing the 'Mister Lincoln' Rose
'Mr. Lincoln' Rose

'Mister Lincoln' rose bush. The 'Abraham Lincoln' Hybrid Tea rose produces rich, red, exhibition quality flowers. The 6 inch blooms of the 'Mr. Lincoln' rose are also powerfully fragrant and hold up well when cut.

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This is a great choice for cutting or exhibition. Each bloom consists of 35 fragrant, reflexed petals. The attractive urn-shaped buds open quickly.

The abundant, matt foliage of the 'Abraham Lincoln' rose is medium green and shows good resistance to powdery mildew. It can get a touch of black spot, but is vigorous enough to shake it off without flinching.

The 'Mister Lincoln' rose can be used for garden display in a large bed.

Parentage: 'Chrysler Imperial x 'Charles Mallerin'

Awards:  All-America Rose Selections 1965

The drawbacks to growing it:

  • The velvety flower petals fade to a purplish color as they age.
  • The plant is tall, 4-6 feet. This makes it unsuitable for small spaces.
  • It is not a profuse bloomer. You can depend on Mr. Lincoln to produce a moderate number of blooms at a time.

Now, for the advantages:

  • The flowers are large and so deliciously fragrant that you can sometimes smell them 10 feet away! They appear in flushes all summer long.

    Plant them beneath a window you open a lot during warm weather so you can enjoy their beauty and Tea-rose-blended-with-Damask-rose scent from indoors.
  • The long stemmed flowers last for several days in a vase of water.

'Mister Lincoln' Hybrid Tea roses were hybridized by Swim & Weeks, and introduced in 1964. This 1965 AARS winner is winter hardy in USDA zones 5-11 and cuttings of it root easily.

In 1974, a climbing form was discovered in India.  'Climbing Mister Lincoln' flowers beautifully and repeats throughout the growing season.  Its upright growth habit makes it a fantastic pillar rose, but renders it unsuitable for horizontal training.

Both forms perform splendidly in a Mediterranean climate.

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