'Nearly Wild' Rose Bush
A Fragrant Floribunda

The 'Nearly Wild' rose, Rosa 'Nearly Wild', is a Floribunda shrub rose which grows to 3 by 3 feet. Its flowers resemble those of wild rose bushes. Pink, fragrant single roses blanket the plant repeatedly from late spring to fall.

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'Nearly Wild' is one of the oldest and hardiest (zones 4a-10) Floribundas. It was hybridized by Brownell and introduced in 1941.

Its medium pink, ever-blooming flowers begin as small, pointed buds and feature white eyes dotted by yellow stamens. The blooms form in clusters.

The upright stems of this small shrub rose are thorny and lined with extremely disease resistant foliage. On the rare occasion that this plant does fall victim to black spot, it will usually recover without being sprayed.

Use this beauty at the front, or middle, of a flower border or at the base of a tree that casts a light shade.

'Nearly Wild' Shrub Rose

After a long absence from commerce, 'Nearly Wild' is making a comeback!  During its truancy, this compact, bushy variety fell into near extinction among home gardeners.  Search for mature specimens of this botanical treasure when you visit old museum or estate gardens.

This rose shares a historically important seed parent ('Dr W. Van Fleet') with 'New Dawn', one of the world's most celebrated climbing roses.  Its other parent is the adaptable 'Leuchstern'.

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