New Flower Bed - HELP

by Jennifer
(McKinney, TX)

I created this flower bed last year and have waited until now to do anything with it so that we could make sure no grass would be in it. It is 23 1/2 feet long X 5 feet wide including the trees and I am not sure what to place in it.

The bed is on a bit of a slope.

I was thinking a row of autumn sage at the highest part with some fountain grass and then some pink skullcap and lastly some thrift and dwarf Mexican petunia but I do not know if I can mix the thrift and Mexican petunia.

Will one over grow the other?

I am trying to create a natural looking space that will still meet my HOA requirements. Any feedback would be appreciated! Oh, I am in zone 7b

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Mexican petunia can be somewhat invasive. I have both the tall form and the dwarf in my yard. The tall form spreads much more than the dwarf.

What it does is spring up in the middle of other plants surrounding it but it is not nearly aggressive enough to smother them.

If you plant it with Thrift, you may get tired of weeding it out of the Thrift each year. Ruellia pulls up easily after a rain, but why create another chore?

If you really want to use them both, maybe you could plant the Thrift on 1 side of the bed and the Dwarf Mexican petunia on the other side.

In order to please the homeowners association, I would plant each species in large drifts of at least 7 plants each.

Your bed is large enough to accommodate this number of plants and planting in drifts will create a flower bed which is more pleasing to the eye.

If the groupings are too small, it will tend to create a hodge podge effect.

Good luck and please let us know how this new bed turns out.

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