Old Blush Rose
Morden Blush Rose

Growing Old Blush rose and Morden Blush rose bushes. The rose variety Old Blush is an antique China rose. Morden blush roses are Shrub roses. Both remontant plants bear double pink flowers.

Old Blush rose flowers.

I have been growing an Old Blush China rose in my east border for nearly 15 years now. I did not know what I was doing when I planted it and did not amend the soil as I should have.

It is growing in nearly pure sand.

It has been through 4 hurricanes, a multi-year drought and a year of torrential rains.

It was once nearly chocked out by an overly ambitious beach sunflower. It tolerated my complete neglect the year I had a sick mom and a sick dog to look after.

It is blooming right now.

Other names for Old Blush rose are Common Monthly or Old Pink Daily. I assume this is because it flushes so often. It starts pushing out its loose, medium pink blooms in early spring and continues on and off until stopped by frost.

The 3 inch flowers exude a mild fruity fragrance on bushy plants which can become quite large (5x5 feet) if you let them.

Like all China roses, it will give its bests performance in the South--zones 7-10.

Morden Blush Roses

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This Modern Shrub rose was hybridized by Collicutt and introduced in 1988. It grows 3-4 feet tall and is prized for its extreme cold hardiness.

The medium-sized, feminine flowers range from light pink to white with pink centers. They are lightly fragrant and begin to grace the disease resistant plants in early spring.

This heavy bloomer is heat as well as cold tolerant although the flowers will fade to ivory in very hot weather. They fade to white as they age in any event.

Morden Blush has been chosen by the Canadian Rose Society as their favorite Canadian Shrub Rose. It grows, without winter protection, into USDA zone 4a and will tolerate the heat as far south as zone 9b.

The Green Rose
The Green rose, Rosa chinensis viridiflora, is an old heirloom China rose. Its green colored roses are the result of a chance mutation. The petals of this green rose flower are actually sepals.

The Cherokee Rose
Cherokee rose is the common name of Rosa laevigata. This wild rose is the Georgia state flower. Rosa laevigata photos, thorns, blooms and habitat. Fragrant white climbing rose.

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