Growing Organic Fruits and Vegetables
to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

One of the benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables is that it can instill a passion for organic gardening in a child. A kid who grows up eating fruits and vegetables in season will always love home grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was growing up.

Grandma Annie was an avid gardener. She grew organic fruits and vegetables and flowers. All on a city lot. There were plants in the front, back and side yards. When she ran out of space in her yard, she'd come over to our house and plant her "extras" in our yard.

Because of her, I grew up surrounded by beauty and learned the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in season.

One of my favorite memories is of the cherry tree in her back yard. My cousin David and I used to climb into it, sit on a branch and eat the sweet cherries. We ate so many that it was hard for the rest of the family to get any!

In the back corner of the yard, a neighbor's mulberry tree overhung Snoopy's (David's dog) dog house. When that tree was bearing, David and I would climb up onto the dog house so we could reach the fruit. We had to do this when my grandmother wasn't watching.

Annie B was very health conscious. She believed that the consumption of fruits and vegetables was a major key to building optimal health. She always encouraged her children and grandchildren to eat more fruits and vegetables.

She subscribed to Prevention magazine and kept the issues in a bookcase in the dining area of her kitchen. I often sat at the table and read those issues while grandma cooked her seasonal fruits and vegetables into delectable family meals.

My interest in natural healing was sparked at her table. Fed and nurtured by my grandmother's magazine subscription and by eating the,sometimes, exotic fruits and vegetables that she raised.

My great grandmother Charlotte lived with my grandma Annie. Both ladies were terrific cooks and having several grandchildren underfoot at all times, they did a fair amount of cooking. Due to the success of Annie B's organic gardening efforts, they served all kinds of fruits and vegetables during the summer months.

Growing Vegetables in Containers

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

In an attempt to instill healthy eating habits in us, they constantly offered us beautifully prepared servings of healthy fruits and vegetables.

We mostly wanted no part of it.


My cousins and I loved our grandmothers' cooking (the cookie jar had to be kept under heavy guard--Grandma Charlotte ran this security detail), but we were kids. Kids have a natural aversion to eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

Especially if they know you're trying to get them to eat healthfully.

We might have been more accepting of Grandma's offers of high fiber fruits and vegetables if she hadn't made us so aware of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

One of Grandma Annie's favorite vegetables was summer squash. She grew the yellow crooknecks. These were offered to us with great regularity. We usually turned up our noses. Just the word squash was off putting.

Grandma didn't try to make me eat any types of fruits and vegetables I didn't want. She knew from experience with my mother that this wouldn't work well in the long run. You can make a child eat something she doesn't like but she will always hate that food.

My Recipe for Southern Kale Greens

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The Grapefruit Tree We Raised from a Seedling

As an adult, I love fresh, organic fruits and vegetables nearly as much as she did. I will even cook the vegetables myself if I can't get them any other way.

During my preteen years, Grandma Annie tried to get me involved with growing organic fruits and vegetables. But I was young and impatient. I didn't have time to wait for a seed to grow into a plant.

I don't understand how it happened, but somehow, with all of that planting going on around me, a seed was planted in me...

Many years later, the harvest appeared.

I became obsessed with plants. I started collecting pots of all sorts of things. I filled my apartment balcony with flowers. I soon became dissatisfied with just growing things in pots. I had to have a plot of earth.

I talked my husband into building a house. Not so much because I wanted a house, but because I wanted a garden.

Once we moved in, I started planting like a maniac. I now have organic fruits and vegetables and flowers--all on a city lot. There are plants in my front, back and side yards. When I run out of space, I take my "extras" to the neighbors.

I live every day of my life surrounded by beauty. All because my Grandma Annie shared her love of growing fruits and vegetables with me when I was a child.

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