The Peace Rose Bush

Syns. 'Mme A. Meilland', 'Beke', 'Fredsrosen', 'Gioia', 'Gloria Dei',

'Mme antoine Melland'

Buy a Peace rose bush here. The rose Peace is one of the world's most famous yellow roses. Hybrid Tea Peace rose flowers are as beautiful in the vase as they are on these tall, vigorous plants.

The large (nearly 6 inch) double flowers are the classic Hybrid Tea shape. Each one carries 45 yellow petals that are flushed with pink at the reflexed outer edge.

The slightly fragrant blooms first appear in late spring or early summer and repeat until fall.

History of the Rose Bush Peace

Rose, Peace

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During WWII (1935) Francis Meilland and his father were hybridizing roses in France. They made 800 crosses that year. Of these, 50 made the cut and were kept for another season.

The following summer when the 50 roses flowered, the rose bush Peace (originally named Madame A. Meilland after the horticulturist's mother) stood out from the crowd.

The conflict escalated.

Fearing Nazi invasion, Meilland sent bundles of cuttings to growers he knew in Europe and the U.S.

One of these rose growers was Robert Pyle who propagated new plants from the cuttings. It was he who introduced the rose Peace (Its trade name) at the Pacific Rose Society show on April 29, 1945. It is an eerie coincidence that Berlin fell that same day.

It is an All-American Rose Selection winner and has won 2 Awards of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society as well as The Golden Rose award in The Hague.

The dark green, glossy foliage of this 4-6 foot rose bush displays average disease resistance. It will be visited by black spot (especially in damp weather) but the plant is vigorous enough to shrug it off and keep blooming.

This is why this rose has been beloved of gardeners for so many decades; it will bloom under adverse circumstances. Peace roses have been found blooming in long neglected gardens where they have survived on nothing but natural rainfall and resisted being choked out by the surrounding vegetation.

The rose bush Peace is fast growing and can be effectively used as a hedge.

It is hardy down to 15 degrees F. and can stand zone 9 summer heat. In hotter zones the flowers are very short-lived. Space Peace roses 3 feet apart in full sun in zones 4-9.

There is also a climbing Peace rose plant. Unlike the Peace rose bush climbing Peace rose prefers warmer growing conditions. It is just as beautiful as the shrub--spectacular when in full bloom--but requires different handling.

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The most popular Peace rose bushes. The original rose bush called Peace is not the only Peace rose. There are also Pink Peace, Chicago Peace, Prairie Peace, Love and Peace and Desert Peace Hybrid Tea roses.

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