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Buy pepper plants and seeds here. Sweet pepper seeds and plants. Cayenne, hot, and bell peppers. Instructions for growing peppers.

Red Pepper Glass Ornament Also Available in Green

Pepper and Eggplant Support

Orange Bell Pepper Glass Christmas Ornament

Enjoy sweet, juicy bell peppers and sizzling hot chile peppers all season long by growing them yourself. You'll have loads of peppers to throw on the grill, toss into sweet pepper salads, and preserve for winter use.

Sweet Green Peppers

Bell Pepper Varieties

California Wonder Plants and Seeds

Sweet Block Party Hybrid Plants and Seeds

Sweet Carnival Seed Mix Organic

All kinds of sweet peppers may be picked and eaten when green.  If you want greater sweetness, wait until the fruit colors.

There are many bell pepper varieties. All start out green and ripen to different colors including red, purple, orange, and even brown. If no color is specified, that variety will be red when ripe.

Bell peppers are typically blocky with thick walls.  They are the pepper of choice for stuffing as their shape often allows them to stand when plated without falling over.  Their thick walls and large hollow center also alllows them to hold plenty of whatever delicious filling you decide to stuff them with.

'California Wonder' is one of the oldest and most popular varieties. The plants produce reliably and the fruits are large.

Bell peppers also make for fantastic fresh eating!  I like the red types best as they are the sweetest.

Other Types of Sweet Peppers

The Godfather Sweet Italian Grilling Pepper

Sweet Cubanelle Pepper Seeds

Costa Rican Sweet Plants and Seeds

Sweet banana peppers, Cubanelles, etc.  These are sweet peppers with thin walls and a longer, narrower shape than the bells.  They are good for frying and pickling.

Hot Chile or Chili Peppers

Hot Ristra Cayenne Hybrid Plants and Seeds

Hot Long Red Slim Cayenne Seeds

Hot Poblano (Ancho) Seeds and Plants

Tabasco Pepper Seeds

Sweet Hot Zavory Plants and Seeds

Hot Lemon Pepper Plants and Seeds

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