Perennial Flowering Vines

Climbing Flower Vines for the Garden

Many types of perennial flowering vines for sale. Advice for combining vines with flowers with other plants and shrubs in the landscape. Fast growing, fragrant,  hardy, and evergreen tropical varieties.

Pink rose vines growing on a brick wall.

Pink rose vines look especially fetching when grown against a brick wall.

Vines that bloom more than pull their weight in the garden. There is no better plant for hiding an ugly pole, clothing a naked wall, or disguising chain link fencing.

Some flowering vines can even be used as ground cover.  A few will bloom in the shade.  Many are fragrant.

In addition to all of these valuable attributes, small space gardeners can gain a space advantage by planting a vine.

The average tree or shrub demands a six foot depth of growing space. A perennial flowering vine needs just one.

All the vines listed on this page offer colorful blossoms.  I've divided them into categories to help you select the plant that will do the job you want done.

Hardy Garden Vines

Clematis growing on a metal arbor.

Garden Design Tip:

When growing a vine, like Clematis, that either dies back or must be cut back hard each year, the support you train it onto will need to be just as beautiful as the plant.

Consider how much of it will be exposed  during winter and spring.

Metal Arbors You Can Use to Create a Gorgeous Focal Point in Your Landscape

Austram Grenadine Metal Pergola Arbor

Achla Square on Squares Arbor II

All the vines listed in this section will withstand some degree of frost. They are not all equally cold tolerant, so I will provide a hardiness range for each plant.

Wisteria - zones 6-9

Rose Vines - varying hardiness depending on cultivar

Confederate Jasmine - zones 8-11

Silver Lace Vine - zones 5-9

Chocolate Vine - zones 4-10

Maypop - zones 6b-10

Clematis Vines - zones 4-9

Climbing Hydrangea

Carolina Jessamine - zones 7b-11

Yellow Winter Jasmine - zones 6-9

Trumpet Vine - zones 5-9

Gloriosa Lily - zones 8-11

American Bittersweet - zones 4-8b

Tropical Vines

Confederate jasmine (white flowers) scents this garden while pink Bougainvillea provides hot color.

Most of these climbing flowering vines are winter hardy in zones 9-11. Given a warm micro-climate, some may survive in USDA zone 8.

Bougainvillea - many colors

Allamanda - yellow, pinks

Mandevilla - pink, red

Gloriosa Lily - red, yellow

Plumbago - blues, white

Arabian Jasmine - white

Climbing Shell Vine - pastels

Fragrant Vines

Plants for Sale

Wisteria, Black Dragon

Climbing Shell Vine

Chocolate Vine

These perennial flowering vines will fill your yard with their sweet scents during their season of bloom.  The roses offer the added bonus of fragrant bouquets for the house.

'Sweet Autumn' Clematis - vanilla

Honeysuckle - honey

Wisteria - vanilla

Climbing Shell Vine -rose

Chocolate Vine - chocolate

'Don Juan' Rose - rose

'Climbing Peace' Rose - rose

'Climbing Angel Face' Rose - lemon

Confederate Jasmine - jasmine

Arabian Jasmine - jasmine

Maypop - honey and musk

'Climbing Blue Moon' Rose - sugar and spice

'Golden Showers' Rose - licorice

'New Dawn' Rose - apples

'Joseph's Coat' Rose - rose

Fast Growing Vines

Plants for Sale

Trumpet Vine, Yellow

Silver Lace Vine

Passion Flower, Maypop

The following are types of vines which will grow several feet in a single growing season.

Trumpet Vines Capmsis radicans

Shell Vine Vigna caracalla

Maypop - Passiflora incarnata

Silver Lace Vine Polygonum aubertii

Chocolate Vine Akebia quinata

American Bittersweet Celastrus scandens

Shade Loving Vines

Plants for Sale

Gloriosa Lily

Passion Flower


All climbing flower vines need some light in order to bloom.  The more light they get, the more flowers they produce.  Consequently, the vines listed in this section will bloom more heavily in bright or dappled shade than they will in dense gloom.

I have Gloriosa lilies growing into a small tree beside my back porch and Confederate jasmine blanketing the ground and clambering into the trees in my back yard, so I know from experience that both these perennial flowering vines perform admirably in what I would describe as medium shade.

Passion Flowers including Maypop (Some varieties can be invasive.  Plant with care.)

Arabian Jasmine

Gloriosa liliy

Confederate Jasmine

American Bittersweet Celastrus scandens

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