Pictures of Palm Trees for Landscaping

Pictures of palm trees. Types of palm trees for landscaping tropical yards. Also, cold hardy palm tree pictures to provide you with landscape design ideas.

Pictrues of palm trees--Mexican fan palms.

This photo, like most of the palm tree pictures on this page, was taken in Central Florida. Mexican fans and Pygmy Dates have been used here to beautify the entrance to a residential neighborhood.

A group of the taller Washingtonia robusta palms have been placed behind the wall, while a pair of dwarf Phoenix roebelenii palms grace each side of the sign.

This kind of landscaping at the entrance announces to all who pass that this is an upscale community.

You can find care instructions for Mexican Fan Palm Trees here and Pygmy Date Palms here

Picture of Queen palm trees.

A pair of Queens and a pair of Pygmy Dates give the landscaping in this small front yard tropical flair. These 2 (this 1 and the 1 just below) Queen palm pictures also give you an idea of the difference in size between these 2 species.

Picture of palm trees.

The Queen palm tree is the more cold tolerant of the 2. The second Pygmy Date in the center bed here froze its head off last winter.

These trees are planted in zone 9a in a south facing exposure.

It is safer to plant roebelenii palm trees in a more protected area in this zone. Placing them beneath taller trees or next to a house or body of water will often provide them with enough added warmth to pull through all but our coldest winters undamaged.

Queen Palm Care Instructions

Tropical Landscape Design Pictures

Red Sealing Wax tropical palm tree picture.

The striking red stems in this photo are those of the Lipstick palm tree.

The tall, spiky palm-like plant with the pinkish leaves beside it is a Madagascar Dragon tree.

The Lipstick palm, Cyrtostachys renda (previously designated as Cyrtostachys lakka), is also called the Red Sealing Wax palm because of its scarlet leaf bases.

Sealing Wax palm trees are not widely grown in the continental U.S. because they require constant warmth and moisture.

The trees will grow in sun or shade in moist or boggy soil. They can take standing water but drought will kill them. This is an excellent palm to use in pond landscaping in tropical areas.

Cyrtostachys renda seed takes about 8 weeks to germinate.

If you find yourself inspired, by these pictures of palm trees, to use palms in your landscaping plans; please understand that you are not restricted to the few varieties you may be able to find locally. Neither do you have to wait for small mail order palms to grow.

You can Buy Large Palm Trees that will bring your outdoor landscaping to life.

The varieties depicted in the pictures of palm trees here (and many others) are available in a range of sizes. You can have plants from 3 feet to 22 feet in height delivered to your door.

Look for special discounts and free shipping offers while you are browsing the site. Bargains are always available.

Areca palm trees picture.

The young Areca palms flanking this path are pretty landscaping plants for this apartment complex in Southern California.

Small beds of colorful, low-growing annuals brighten this garden and landscaping plan while keeping the maintenance crew from mowing or weeding too close to the clumping stems of the palms.

Picturs of palm trees at Villa Botanica.

This palm picture was taken at Villa Botanica in Queensland, Australia. Villa Botanica is a favorite Airlie Beach wedding location.

Many couples tie the knot inside this gazebo.

The Chrismas palm is planted in a raised bed in the ground.

This is the perfect solution to use if you have a palm tree in your yard which has not been planted deeply enough. Mound soil up over the exposed roots and use rocks to hold the mounded earth in place.

Small King Sagos in concrete pots adorn the wall.

Christmas Palm Tree Info

Growing Sago Palms

See more Sago Palm Tree Pictures Here

Cold Tolerant Palm Trees

Pictures of palm trees in St. Augustine, Florida.

These are Sabal and Date palms growing in St. Augustine, FL.

The Sabal or Cabbage palm is the state tree of both Florida and South Carolina. It is 1 of the easiest palm trees to care for.

See more Sabal Palm Pictures Here

The edible Date palm varieties are hardy into USDA zone 8.

See more Date Palm Tree Pictures Here

Windmill palm tree picture. Trachycarpus fortunei growing in a Savannah, Georgia landscape.

The Chinese Windmill or Chusan palm tree is 1 of the most cold tolerant palms you can grow.

Hardy to 5 degrees F.,they can be planted outdoors as far north as USDA zone 7b.

The hairy trunk distinguishes the Chusan from the European fan palm.

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