Got Pink Lemons?
Make Pink Lemonade!

The pink lemons produced by the variegated pink Eureka lemon tree will supply you with pitchers of pink lemonade all summer. The lemon of pink lemonade fame has a bumpy green and yellow striped rind. Only the flesh is pink.

Pink lemons whole and halved.

It is less juicy than a yellow Eureka lemon but just as tart. Use it just the same as you would its yellow-fleshed cousin.

The pink Eureka lemon tree produces a smaller crop than a standard Eureka and is grown more for its ornamental qualities than for its pink-fleshed fruit. The juice, by the way, is clear--not pink.

Pink lemon tree.

A pink lemon tree growing at Leu Gardens.

With its striped fruit and cream edged leaves, the pink Eureka lemon is the most striking of the ornamental or novelty lemons.

The tree in the photo is growing in the open ground but the variegated pink lemon does equally well in containers. I kept one in a pot outside my screen porch for a couple of seasons before transplanting it into the ground.

My tree was not grafted onto dwarfing rootstock but it grew very slowly. I think it could have remained in that 14 inch pot for several years without being root pruned.

Pink lemons and other citrus trees in pots.

Front to back: Variegated Pink Lemonade tree, Key lime, Meyer lemon, Navel orange, and a Mango tree.

The Pink Lemonade tree is hardy in zones 9b-11. In colder zones, plant it in a pot and protect it from frost.

The fragrant flowers and interesting fruit will appear intermittently throughout the year.

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