Pink Perennial Flowers

List of pink perennial flowers for your garden. Long blooming perennials with soft shell pink to intense fuchsia blossoms for sale. Sun and shade loving plants. Drought tolerant types.

Sun Loving Pink Perennials

Aster - Woods Pink

Butterfly Bush - Pink Delight

Hyssop - Raspberry Summer

The pink daisies of 'Woods Pink' smother the foot tall plants in late summer.  This rust-resistant aster spreads to two feet and boasts a longer season of  bloom than its peers.  It also looks great in containers.

Hyssop 'Raspberry Summer' sports deep pink flowers atop licorice scented leaves in midsummer.  You will enjoy watching the hummingbirds sip nectar from the tubular blossoms. You'll be even more delighted to see how deer avoid it.

Budleia 'Pink Delight' is one of the best perennial flowering bushes you can grow. From June to frost, the 15" flower cones of this arching shrub will act as butterfly candy.  Strong sun intensifies the honey scent of the blossoms.

Butterfly Bushes in Other Colors

'Pink Double Delight' Dwarf Echinacea

Echinacea 'Pink Shimmer'

Dianthus 'Firewitch'

Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight' is a well-branched, compact coneflower.  At just two feet tall, it is perfect for the front of sunny garden beds in zones 5-9.  This is a good choice for the hot, humid south.

If you like pom pom coneflowers, look at the other colors, here.

'Pink Shimmer' is an upright-growing coneflower to three feet with deep rose daisy flowers set atop dark stems.  Plant this summer blooming perennial in zones 5-9.

Coneflowers are available in an astonishing array of hues.  Feast your eyes on them, here.

Dianthus 'Firewitch' is a perennial favorite of many gardeners.  Its fuchsia flowers are held on short stems making it a gem of a bed edger.  This spring bloomer is cold tolerant, returning reliably when planted in zones 3-8.

Other Types of Pink Dianthus Flowers

Hibiscus 'Pink Swirl'

'Sheffield Pink' Chrysanthemum

'Invincibelle Spirit' Hydrangea

Growing Tip:

Dinner plate Hibiscus plants are late risers.  Their shoots are always the last to emerge when warm weather returns.

Mark the spot where these are planted so you don't accidentally dig them up when you do your spring planting.

'Pink Swirl' is a winter hardy, dinner plate Hibiscus whose flowers are a delightful blend of blush, rose, and cranberry. Sun and moisture are all it needs to give you loads of these astonishing blooms.

The blowsy blossoms appear in late summer and keep cranking out through fall in zones 5-9.

'Invincibelle Spirit' is the first Annabelle Hydrangea to bear pink perennial flowers.  The cotton candy flower clusters begin to appear in early summer and repeat until stopped by frost.

The color of each blossom varies from white to pink.  The effect, when the bush is in full flush, is nothing short of fantastic.  The pants branch well enough to be used as specimens.  A single plant can spread to five feet wide.

This very cold hardy Hydrangea thrives in zones 3-9.

'Sheffield Pink' Chrysanthemums add an unusual color to fall plantings.  The autumn garden usually consists of various shades of gold, yellow, and deep reddish browns, so this clear pink is a refreshing alternative.

The three feet tall and wide plants display a mounding growth habit.  In the southernmost end of their range (zones 5-9), they may be sited in part day sun.

Mums in Other Colors

Pink Shade Loving Perennial Plants

Lamium - Pink Chablis

Astilbe - Visions in Pink

Hellebore 'Phoebe'

Lamium 'Pink Chablis' is a low-growing ground cover for dry areas in semi-shade.  Silver foliage edged in green back the pale pink flowers each spring.

The rose-colored spires of Astilbe 'Visions in Pink' illuminate shady midsummer beds.  After the flowers fade, the finely-cut leaves cause the plants to resemble ferns.

The nodding flowers of 'Phoebe' have an orchid-like quality.  The fuchsia markings at the petal bases is reminiscent of the coloring of some moth orchids.

Thankfully, 'Phoebe' is no hot house beauty.  This is a cold hardy, deer resistant hellebore whose blooms may be cut and brought indoors for late winter arrangements.  She is sure to be the belle of  any spring garden ball.

Drought Tolerant Pink Perennials

Gaura - Karalee Petite Pink

Sedum 'Heronswood Pink Stars'

Gaura 'Rosy Jane'

'Karalee Petite Pink' Gaura is a drought resistant perennial with a very long season of bloom.  The butterfly-shaped flowers start coming in spring and don't stop until the first hard freeze.

Sedum 'Heronswood Pink Stars' is a spreading ground cover which grows quickly to a soil-hugging six inches.  Plant them on 10" centers and they will form a mat thick enough to suppress weeds.

'Rosy Jane' is an exciting new development.  It is the first bicolored Gaura.  Delicate white flowers edged in rose wave atop wiry, two foot stems all summer into fall.  This North American native performs admirably in zones 6-9.

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