Planting Bare Root Roses

Instructions for planting bare root roses. How to plant bare-root roses. What to do after buying bare root roses. How to prepare bare root rose bushes for planting.

After Buying Bare Root Roses

If you can plant the bare root rose within 10 days, leave it in its unopened packaging in an unheated but frost-free area like a garage or basement.

If planting will be delayed for more than 10 days, heel the bare root roses in by burying them in a trench just deep enough to cover them. You can place them all in the same trench since they will only be in there for a short time. Soak the trench to keep the roses from drying out.

Early on Rose Planting Day or the Evening Before:

Soak the roses in a bucket of water to hydrate them. The water should at least cover the bud union but the plants can be completely submerged. Leave the bare root roses in the water for at least 3 hours. They can be left as long as overnight.

How to Plant Bare Root Roses

Prepare the soil in the planting area according to the directions given in Where to Plant Roses for Best Results.

While the roses are still soaking, dig a hole approximately a foot and a half deep and wide enough to accommodate the spread out roots.

Dig a round hole for bare root roses with symmetrical root systems. If the roots run only to 1 side, dig a fan-shaped hole to accommodate them rather than trying to spread them out evenly in all directions.

Put about 2/3 of the soil you just removed from the planting hole back into it but mound it up in the center into a cone shape.

Take the rose out of the water and remove any broken or damaged roots using a clean, sharp knife. Trim unusually long roots back so that all the roots are close to the same length.

Also cut off any dead or broken twigs and any leaves, hips or flower buds.

Now, spread the roots out evenly and center the plant on the cone of soil you just made in the planting hole.

If you are planting bare root roses in a mild winter area, the bud union should be just beneath the soil. If you live in a cold zone, bury it 3 inches deep. Adjust the soil cone so that the bud union is at the desired level.

Fill the hole with soil and tamp it down with your foot. Make a basin of soil around the planting hole to capture water. Fill the basin, let the water soak in and fill it a second time.

Just After You Plant Bare Root Roses

If you are concerned about the stems drying out due to dry, windy weather, you can mound soil or mulch up over the the bare root rose to a height of 8 inches.

Remove the soil or mulch as soon as new growth appears. If you wait too long, some of the tender new shoots may be damaged as you remove the soil.

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