Planting Roses in Pots
The Best Container Gardening Roses

Planting roses in pots is all about container gardening with roses. Growing container roses. Which rose varieties make the best container gardening roses. Choosing a pot for a container rose.

Planting roses in pots, pink roses in clay pots.

Benefits of Growing Container Roses

  • Placement. Planting roses in a pot can allow you to place a rose plant in an area of your landscape where there is no soil or where the available soil is unsuitable for growing roses.

    Fragrant roses are best enjoyed when placed close to seating areas. Growing roses in containers on your concrete patio or wooden deck keeps them at a pleasurable distance.

  • Soil quality. You can amend the soil in a pot much more easily and inexpensively than you can in a garden bed. If the soil in your yard is very alkaline, rose container gardening may be your best option.

  • Mobility. Container grown roses can be moved into a shed or garage and protected over the winter. During the growing season, the pots can be used to fill bare spots in the perennial border with color without worry as to whether or not the rose bush can successfully compete with its companions for food and water.

  • Choosing Pots for Container Roses

    Planting roses in pots, heavy glazed pots.

    Plastic pots are lighter than clay pots but that is their only advantage.

    They do not stand up well to the elements over time. In a few seasons a plastic pot will probably become brittle and crack. They also tend to discolor.

    When planting roses in pots, heavy clay is more durable and better looking. Ceramic pots used for growing container roses should be glazed. Glazed pots hold moisture far better than unglazed clay pots.

    The diameter of the pot should be one third to one half the height of the mature rose plant. Choose a color that complements the color of the blooms and also coordinates with the decor in the staging area.

    Tip for Container Gardening with Roses:

    It is best, when planting roses in pots, not place more than one rose in a pot or to plant other flowers in the pot with the rose.

    Most roses prefer not to share their root space, food, or water with other plants. This is why you most often see them planted in beds by themselves.

    Good Container Gardening Roses

    Planting roses in pots, Buff Beauty in a clay pot.'Buff Beauty' Hybrid Musk Rose

    When planting roses in pots, small is better.

    A small rose bush will make a better container gardening rose than a large shrub rose.

    Plants that grow to a mature height of 4 feet or less are easiest to grow in pots.

    Climbing roses and larger rose bushes can be grown in pots, but the containers will have to be so large as to be difficult to move.

    Plant these in large tubs that can be left in place year round.

    Container Rose Varieties

  • Any miniature rose plant will look and perform well in a container. The vast majority of mini rose varieties are small plants. Most grow to a height of less than 2 feet. This makes them ideal container gardening roses. Their tiny blooms are easier to see and enjoy when the plants are elevated in pots.
  • Tree roses or rose standards give their best garden performance when planted in pots. They can easily be transported into a frost-free shed or garage for the winter and pot culture assures them of perfect soil which they will not have to share.
  • The Polyantha rose China Doll forms a densely foliated spreading mound. The pink flowers arrive, throughout the growing season, in never ending clusters.
  • Another Polyantha rose, Marie Pavie, is a compact grower to 4 feet. Small pink buds open into semi double, richly fragrant white flower clusters.
  • Iceberg is a popular Floribunda featuring clustered blooms which make great cut flowers on a rounded bush which grows to 4 feet.
  • Another Floribunda rose, Valentine, displays large red, semi-double blooms on a nearly thornless 3 foot tall bush.
  • Flower Carpet roses will spill attractively over the edges of any pots they are grown in. Just be sure to plant ground cover roses in deep pots as their roots need a greater depth of soil than the other types of roses listed here.
  • Little Mischief is a richly colored Easy Elegance rose. The semi-double flowers of this everblooming rose are a red-pink blend with clear white eyes. Easy Elegance roses will bloom all season long without any pruning or spraying.
  • Grandma's Blessing is another Easy Elegance rose featuring pink hybrid tea flowers on a disease resistant plant to 3 feet.

  • Container Rose Care

    Cats play among potted roses.

    The most important thing to remember when planting roses in pots is how quickly they will dry out in summer's heat. Try to place the containers where they will be at least partially shaded. This will keep your rose's roots cool and preserve precious moisture.

    Container roses may need to be watered daily during the hottest months.

    Avoid setting dishes beneath the pots to catch the excess water. Fertilizer salts can build up in the dish and later be reabsorbed by the plant to the detriment of its long term health.

    Remember to water the pots less when the weather cools. A rose plant needs good air circulation around its roots. Let the compost dry slightly between waterings.

    Feed the plants just after watering them. (Fertilizer plus dry soil equals root burn.) Use a food labeled as a rose fertilizer.

    Apply according to the directions on the package twice yearly. Make the first application when new leaves appear in the spring. The second in July.

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