Playboy Rose Bush

The Playboy rose bush, syn. Cheerio, is a compact growing orange rose. The Playboy Floribunda rose will add mild fragrance and sizzling color to your summer rose garden.

Playboy rose plant.

The Playboy Floribunda rose bears semi-double cupped flowers whose ruffled petals are an orange blend. Each petal is bright gold at the center and edged with red. The effect, when this heavily blooming bush is in full flush, is stunning.

These jewels of the summer landscape are also lightly fragrant.

Because Playboy is a Floribunda, the 3.5 inch flowers appear in clusters beginning in early summer and repeating throughout the season. They hold their intense color well--even in high summer and are long lasting cut flowers.

The rose Playboy was introduced by Cocker of Scotland in 1976 and won the Portland Gold Medal in 1989. It is suitable for planting in USDA zones 5b-9b where it will grow, nearly disease free, to a height of 3-4 feet.

Deadheading will prevent hips from setting and increase rebloom.

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