'Queen Elizabeth' Rose Bush
Pink Grandiflora Roses

The pink flower clusters of the 'Queen Elizabeth' rose bush occur at the tips of the plant's long, upright stems. 'Queen Elizabeth' Grandiflora rose flowers are double, sweetly fragrant and nearly everblooming.

'Queen Elizabeth' Grandiflora Rose

Pruning Tip:

It is best to use a light hand when pruning this statuesque rose.

It will give its best garden performance if allowed to grow to its natural height.

The high-centered flowers range in color from dawn to medium pink. They open from pointed buds into 4 inch open-cupped blooms which nearly cover well-grown, mature plants.

The rose 'Queen Elizabeth' (also called 'Queen of England') is hardy and vigorous.

It is also tall.

With good care, the Queen can reach a height of 7-10 feet and a 5 foot spread.

'Climbing Queen Elizabeth' (introduced in 1957 by Whisler, USA) can reach 12 feet in height.The climbing form is not quite as free flowering as the original Queen.

The thick canes of either plant are clothed in dark green, glossy leaves which exhibit good disease resistance as long as the plant is afforded good air circulation.

If the canes become too crowded at the base, the shrub may develop a touch of black spot. Thin out the oldest canes every few years to open the rose bush up so that air can freely circulate through the foliage.

Black spot is usually only a problem on this rose in humid climates or during rainy weather. It is vigorous enough to shake the disease off and keep right on blooming.

'Queen Elizbeth' Grandiflora
Rose History

Awards of Merit

  1. Portland Gold Medal 1954
  2. National Rose Society President's International Trophy 1955
  3. AARS Gold Medal 1957
  4. American Rose Society Gold Medal 1957
  5. Golden Rose of the Hague 1968
  6. World's Favorite Rose 1979

Hybridized by Lammerts, introduced in 1954, and named for Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the rose 'Queen Elizabeth' was the first rose of the Grandiflora class and is still considered to be the best example of this class.

Born of a cross between the long stemmed Hybrid Tea rose 'Charlotte Armstrong' and the Free-blooming, cold hardy Floribunda rose 'Floradora', the 'Queen Elizabeth' rose exhibits the best qualities of both her parents.

The flowers are long stemmed and long lasting when cut like those of a Hybrid Tea rose on a plant which is both heat and cold tolerant and blooms almost continuously like a Floribunda.

Give this rose bush plenty of elbow room and she will bless you with 50-100 flowers in a single flush.

Recommended for zones 6b-10a.

Fun Fact:

'Queen Elizabeth' is the single best rose ever hybridized by California's Dr. E. Lammerts. After its introduction, American rosarians saw their chance to make a mark in rose nomenclature and siezed it.

Previously, the British had always classified Modern Roses and they felt that this new rose should be grouped with the Floribundas.

Because the Queen was taller than a Floribunda and because her flowers are not just clustered but Hybrid Tea-like in appearance, Americans believed her to be distinctive enough to warrant the institution of a new class, so the Grandiflora class was created just for her.

The British still do not recognize the class. In the U.K., 'Queen Elizabeth' and other Grandiflorias are categorized as either Large-Flowered or Cluster-Flowered Roses. You may also see it listed in British texts as a Floribunda.

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