Red Bananas You Can Grow

Red bananas are a rare sight in American markets. Their skin goes from wine colored to nearly black. The flesh of the fruit will be anything from creamy white to salmon pink. Red banana hands have short, fat fingers.

Ornamental red banana plant in a pot.

This is an ornamental banana plant with beautiful reddish leaves and burgundy leaf stalks.

Red bananas growing on the island of St. Croix.

They are usually sweeter than Cavendish (standard grocery store) bananas. Some people find them too sweet for fresh eating but like them for baking. This is their most common use.

Many people like them best when they are very ripe--skin almost black. Be careful of leaving them too long. When bananas become over ripe, they begin to ferment. You can smell this and it has a definite taste. I don't even like to cook with them once this happens. They're too far gone.

If you want to grow your own, these are the different types of bananas that produce red-skinned fruit:

  • Haa Haa - Rare 10 - 12 foot plant produces fruit with orange flesh and purple/black skin.

  • Popoulu - 14 foot tall Hawaiian variety. Salmon pink fruit.

  • Red Iholena - Very ornamental because of the red and purple coloring on the stalk and the undersides of the leaves. 25 foot plants produce pink fleshed fruit suitable for cooking or fresh eating.

  • White Iholena - Same as the Red Iholena without the pink and purple coloring.

  • Dwarf Red Jamaican - Six to eight foot plant with red leaves and trunk. Dark red fruit with orange flesh.

  • Kru - New Guinea variety with deep red coloring in the leaves and trunk. Greenish red fruit. 10 - 12 feet tall.

  • Hawaiian Black - This Hawaiian variety grows to 20 feet yet resists high winds. Bears big bunches of orange fleshed fruit.
  • Any of these red bananas will add color to your landscape and flavor to your meals.

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