Best Red Rose Bushes

The best red rose bushes to plant for garden display or cutting. Climbing Rambling Red rose bush, dark red rose, Almost Black, red Hybrid Tea roses, red double Knock Out Shrub roses, red mini roses.

In the Rose Garden

In the Rose Garden
Lloyd, Thomas J.
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Hybrid Tea Roses
Red Rose Flowers for Cutting

Rose, Mirandy

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Mirandy is the quintessential red Hybrid Tea rose. An All-America Rose Selection which will crank out loads of cut flowers from early summer til frost.

These dark red roses are 4-6 inches across and are heavily fragrant. They will fill your rooms with the scent of cloves and spices.

The plant producing these extraordinary blooms grows to a height of 3-4 feet and boasts dark green, leathery foliage.

Rose, Red

Best Buy Red Rose

This is a rose that Direct Gardening is offering at a deep discount. They can do this by just selling it as a red rose.

It is a Hybrid Tea that would go for significantly more if it were sold under its trade name.

All I can tell you is that it is a fragrant, award winning rose. If you are a bargain hunter, this is the deal for you.

Mister Lincoln Rose

The Abraham Lincoln Hybrid Tea rose produces rich, red, exhibition quality flowers. The 6 inch blooms of the Mr. Lincoln rose are also powerfully fragrant and hold up well when cut.

Th link above will take you to a page with growing information and a picture of this historic rose.

A Dark Red Rose, Almost Black

This dark red rose bush features petals so deep they appear nearly black. It's the closest thing to a black rose that you can grow. Black red Hybrid Tea rose, Almost Black is fragrant as well.

The link above will take you to a page of growing and care info for this deep red rose.

Red Shrub Roses
Low Maintenance Landscape Roses

Red Double Knockout Rose

Rose, Knock Out® Double Red

Order Double Red Knock Out® Rose

Knockout double roses are an improvement upon the immensely popular single-flowered Knockout rose bush.

The double Knock Out offers greater disease resistance and cold tolerance on a shrub with twice the flowers. Plants grow to 4 feet tall and will become very full and thick without any special pruning.

Unlike those of the original semi-double, the flowers of double Knockout can be cut and used in the home.

Click here to see the original red Knockout rose.

It is a lighter, brighter shade of red and when the flowers are fully open they resemble big moss roses.

The Home Run™ shrub rose is similar to Knock Out. These are the differences:

  • The 3 inch flowers are truly single.

  • They are a richer red.

  • The bush is more rounded and a bit smaller at 3.5 feet tall.

  • Rose, Hedge Freedom Red

    Order a Red Freedom Hedge Rose Here

    Imagine masses of 3.5 inch, fragrant flowers in nodding clusters covering a shrub 4-6 feet tall by 3 feet wide. This is what Red Freedom will give you.

    Freedom from insect pests and the diseases which plague fussier varieties. Freedom from fussy rose pruning. You can just whack them back with a power shear.

    Freedom hedge roses are available in red or pink and bloom from early summer to early winter.

    Space plants 3 feet apart to make a dense hedge.

    If you want a shrub as carefree as a Knockout Rose but taller, Red Freedom is just what you need.

    Champlain Rose

    Named for Samuel de Champlain, the French navigator who mapped much of North America and also discovered Lake Champlain, this Hybrid Kordesii can be expected to grow to 3.5 or 4 feet high and wide in most climates.

    The clusters of beautiful red roses produced by this shrub are mildly fragrant.

    Champlain is an easy-to-grow red rose bush that is not bothered by frigid winters nor hot, steamy summers.

    Pictures and more info are available at the link above.

    Red Climbing Roses

    Rose, Climbing Rhode Island Red

    Buy the Climbing Rhode Island Red Rose Here

    This is a quick growing, heavy blooming, cluster flowered climber in a shade of red which really pops. Best of all, the velvety flower petals of this striking rose are fragrant.

    This is a rare, cold hardy climbing rose which can take frost down to 15 degrees below zero. Add resistance to black spot and you've got a winner.

    Rambling Red Rose Bush

    The strong, thorny canes of Rambling Red roses can reach 10 feet in time. The foliage clothing these stems is usually healthy. New leaves emerge burgundy.

    This rambling rose is prized for its cold tolerance. Follow the link above for information about growing and buying this rose.

    Blaze Rose

    Climbing Blaze rose bush info. Where to buy a Blaze climbing rose.

    Blaze is the best climbing rose to grow if you want slightly fragrant red roses that bloom in continuous flushes until fall.

    The plant these dramatic red roses appear on climbs 8-15 feet. The pliable canes can be arched toward the ground and tied to a climbing rose trellis to encourage even heavier bloom.

    Red Tree Roses

    Rose Tree, Weeping Red

    Buy a Weeping Red Rose Tree

    You can't beat a weeping tree rose for drama in the landscape. This one arrives at your door with a 24 inch "trunk" which can grow to a height of 36 inches.

    The double orange-red roses borne by the plant grafted atop this sturdy stem are traffic stopping. Place it where you wish to draw eyes and compliments.

    If you like the idea of a tree rose but don't want a weeping form, have a look at this:

    Rose Tree, Crimson Gem

    Rose Tree, Crimson Gem

    Crimson Gem is a very apt name for this treasure. The "trunk" is 20 inches tall topped by a neat, compact head of medium green foliage dotted with perfectly formed, fragrant crimson rose flowers.

    A pair of these in pots can be used like movable furniture to adorn sunny porches, patios and decks.

    Cold Hardy Red Rose Bush

    Rose, Arctic Flame

    Buy an Arctic Flame Rose Here

    Arctic Flame is a cold hardy rose bush bred by Dr. Walter Brownell of Sub-Zero rose fame.

    Imagine, perfect cutting flowers on a plant which will survive extreme heat or cold and will never need to be sprayed for black spot.

    Red Groundcover Roses

    Rose, Fantasy Red Groundcover

    Order a Fantasy Red Groundcover Rose

    This disease resistant, easy-to-grow rose will cover itself with 3 inch blossoms of the brightest red throughout the summer and fall months.

    This rose will spread 3 or 4 feet across and grows to a height of 2 feet.

    Plant this free-blooming rose in full sun and well drained soil in zones 4-9.

    Miniature Red Rose Bushes

    Rose, Miniature Red

    Buy a Miniature Red Rose Here

    Mini roses are the best type to grow indoors or to use when container gardening.

    Miniature rose care instructions can be found here.

    Red Roulette Mini Rose

    Red Roulette Mini Rose

    Nickel-sized double flowers of vibrant red bloom continuously from spring to frost on cold hardy plants.

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    Red and Pink Roses
    Buy beautiful red and pink roses here. Red pink rose Double Delight. The color blend of pink and red roses will change slightly throughout the growing season as the weather changes.

    Red Rose Pictures
    Beautiful red rose pictures you can buy. These pictures of red roses are suitable for framing and hanging. Close up red rose picture. Pictures of red rose bushes and Climbing roses.

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